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Here at Eastern Green Junior School we aim to support and develop a love of writing whilst encouraging children to become independent authors. We aim for all children to enjoy writing and recognise how they can use their skills for a wide range of purposes.

Pupils are encouraged to write for real life purposes and to develop their own unique style. By recognising the importance of grammatical techniques within written work, children can build upon previous learning to understand the importance of grammar in context. By following a familiar structure in writing lessons, we aim for children's knowledge to become embedded allowing them to apply skills across the curriculum.  

Teachers use high quality texts to expose children to a range of literature. New vocabulary is explored and children are encouraged to develop their understanding of words in context. 

Pupils are exposed to a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts, combining writing for real life purposes with more creative tasks. Writing is planned so that children can follow the process of text immersion, scaffolding, independent writing, editing and redrafting. For some pieces, children will publish their work to complete the process and feel proud of what they have produced. Teachers follow the progression of skills outlined in the national curriculum to develop writing skills for different purposes throughout each year.