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School Values

Our School Values 

‘Kindness is always the best response…’ 

 At Eastern Green we expect staff and pupils to work together to create an environment where exemplary behaviour is at the heart of productive learning. Everyone works towards modelling and demonstrating the school’s core values of respect, ready and safe. We believe that every positive behaviour shown by a child can be represented by one of theses key values. We encourage our pupils to demonstrate the values in all areas of the school day and when necessary, reminders from staff refer to the core values. Children understand and respond to reminders to show respect, stay safe and be ready.

Rewarding Positive Behaviour

At Eastern Green we value the positive behaviour demonstrated by pupils. We want all children to feel valued and recognised for their positive contributions to school. Therefore we use the following rewards system:

1. Housepoints- these are used daily to reward daily positive behaviours such as good work, positive friendships and helpfulness.

2. Recognition Board- A Recognition Board will be used in classrooms to encourage social or learning behaviours. For example, 'One Voice', ‘Everyone Helping’ or 'Ready to Listen’ may be written on the board. Adults or pupils in the class can nominate children who are demonstrating the positive behaviour named on the board.  There is an emphasis on children working together as a team to get everyone's name on the board by the end of the day. There is no material prize for class completion. Each class chooses a celebration when all names are on the board, e.g. round of applause, three cheers, celebration dance.

3. Headteacher's Assembly Values certificate- two children are selected each week by the class teacher. One of them must be selected for demonstrating the school values. The selected children are announced at the beginning of the assembly and they then take their seat pride of place on "the best seats in the house" at the front of the hall for the duration of the assembly. The children will then be spoken about by their class teacher and will receive a certificate signed by the head teacher. 

4. Hot Chocolate Fridays - Children consistently going 'over and above' will have their photo displayed on the Above and Beyond recognition board in the hall. Children identified will be invited to have hot chocolate with the Head Teacher on Friday afternoons and a certificate is sent home explaining why they have been chosen.

5. A Positive Note/ Phone call Home- The Positive note or phone call home is also a high-level recognition for consistently representing the core values. It can be given to any child by any adult in the school. 

6. Star Assemblies- A Star Assembly will be held each half term to recognise those children who consistently behave impeccably and in line with the school values. This is an extremely high-level recognition of positive behaviour and attitude. Children selected will be given a special treat, organised by the Assistant Headteachers. Letters will be sent home from the head teacher to recognise outstanding children rewarded in the Star Assembly.