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Eco Committee​​​​​​​

Eastern Green Junior School - Eco Warriors

Over the last year, our Eco Warriors have raised awareness of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We are very pleased to announce that we achieved our Green Flag Award on 22nd June 2021.

Eco-Warriors 2022-23

Our Eco-Warriors this year are:

3G Toby

3MP Ava

4SB Finley

4L Isabelle

5M Maddie

5C Olivia

6AC Elsie + Oscar

6B Scarlett-Rose + Leonie

Action Plan

Our Eco-Code

Minutes of Meetings

Topic 1 - Energy

We are working on the Energy topic to reduce the amount of electricity and gas that we use in school, thereby reducing our impact on the climate and saving money.

Our Switch It Off Monitors are:

3G - Toby + Evie

3MP - Ava + Carter

4SB - Finley + Sydney

4L - Isabelle, Darcey Gl + Ruby C

5M - Maddie + Ava L

5C - Olivia S + Isla S

6AC - Elsie, Oscar + Ollie V

6B - Scarlett-Rose, Leonie + Charlotte

We've been sharing our top tips for saving energy on the newsletter each week.  Here are some of our favourites:

  • When you charge devices take them off when they are at 100%
  • When you are cold put more layers on instead of turning the heating up
  • Use a microwave to cook or heat up food as it uses less electricity than an oven
  • Keep doors closed and make sure there are no draughts around windows or doors
  • Keep leftover food in the fridge so that you can eat it the next day
  • Turn off electronics when you are not using them

Topic 2 - Global Citizenship

We are working on the Global Citizenship topic to understand the impact that we have on the rest of the world and raise awareness of sustainable development goals.

Topic 3 - Healthy Living

We are working on the Healthy Living topic to raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating, exercise and mental health.

One way that we are keeping healthy is by taking part in the Living Streets WOW Walk to School Challenge.  We report how we get to school every day on the Travel Tracker and if we travel sustainably (walk, cycle or scoot) once a week for a month, we earn a badge.  The theme for this year's badges is 'travelling through time'.  

In September, 153 WOW badges were awarded and 3MP won the trophy for the most  active journeys.  This month's badge was the dinosaur.

An AMAZING effort in October.  We awarded 191 WOW badges - our best month EVER!!!  3MP won the trophy for the most active journeys again.  This month's badge was the woolly mammoth.  We came 7th in the WOW Walk of Fame Challenge for the Autumn and are very proud that we were in the top ten of the Coventry leaderboard.

Another great month for active journeys in November - 189 badges were awarded. This month's badge is hieroglyphics.  Well done to 5C who won the trophy for the most amount of active journeys - 29 children were awarded the badge!

Even during a very cold December we awarded 194 badges!  This month's badge is a Roman soldier.  The trophy for the most amount of active journeys was awarded to 4L and 3MP this month with both classes awarding 28 badges.

WOW Walk to School Badges