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Art & Design

Our Art and Design Curriculum at Eastern Green Junior School

Our Art and Design curriculum has been redesigned to ensure the consistent teaching of Art across Key Stage 2. Although the curriculum is still in working progress, we are confident that we are providing children with high-quality teaching and learning opportunities.

Our contemporary Art curriculum is planned to be taught on a weekly basis, giving children the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the subject throughout the year. This also allows children to sustain their momentum throughout a unit, ensuring learning is not forgotten and is thought about as part of a sequence. By planning our Art and Design units in this way, we can delve deeper into their learning and allow them adequate time to invent and create their individual works of Art whilst exploring its history.

We aim for children to be inspired to become enthusiastic about Art and Design as a subject in its own right and give opportunities for our children to explore their individual style and become uniquely creative. We want them to become inquisitive about Art and Design and come to understand that it is everywhere and therefore they can observe its beauty everywhere they look.

We want children to improve their mastery of Art and Design techniques with a focus on drawing, painting and sculpture. They will create sketch books to record their observations and use them to review and revisit ideas. 

Our engaging visitors and trips provide children with hands on experiences to inspire them and we aim to equip children with the knowledge and skills to develop a career in Art and Design.