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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors


Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are:





Our A.B.A team is up and running to keep making a difference here at Eastern Green Junior School.  Our A.B.As have completed their training and are fully aware of what to do when children are experiencing friendship concerns. They also know and support our values (Ready, Safe and Respect) in their role as A.B.As and work hard at being good role models for the other children in our school.

The team proudly wear their A.B.A hi-viz jackets at lunchtime and children are encouraged to speak to them as well as the adults in school. Their job is to bring any issues to staff’s attention as well as to reassure children that things will be resolved as quickly as possible.

The A.B.As have also made all the children aware of another way they can be contacted – there is a folder on the A.B.A display in the hall where children can post their concerns. This is checked every day (often more than once) so that any concerns can be dealt with swiftly.

The team also meet every week to discuss how things are going any issues raised and resolved. They then provide a written report to Mrs Nealon who is kept up to date with everything that is going on.

The A.B.As support work in school during Anti-Bullying Week and enjoy visiting classes throughout the school to support with PSHE work. 

The A.B.As are a much valued team in our school and play an important part in helping to keep children feeling safe and happy here at Eastern Green Junior School.