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Year 6 Week 6

Week beginning Monday 11th May

For all of the work below you do not need to print out any of the worksheets, thank you Year 6. 


 This week your work is based on converting measures and solving problems including measures. We would like you to spend no more than 30 minutes on each activity. Please work in the book provided by school. There is a worksheet for each day attached underneath the Maths worksheets heading. To support your maths, we have also attached ongoing activities that you can use as and when you see fit. 

Times Tables Rock Stars

This week on Times Tables Rock Stars we would like you to go on every day, even if just for 10 minutes - but stay on longer if you're having fun! Challenge some of your friends to a 'Rockslam'. Have fun!

Day 1: Converting measures for length


Day 2: Converting measure for mass


Day 3: Converting measure for capacity


Day 4: Solving problems


Day 5: Solving problems




We would like you to read 5 times a week for at least ten minutes each time that you read. Don't forget you can still take part in the reading challenges throughout the week- remember to let us know via the year group email. 


We would also like you to complete the following activities:


Day 1: As you are coming to the end of your time in KS2, we would like you to put together some book recommendations for the children coming into Year 3. Can you think of 3 or 4 books they might enjoy reading in each of the year groups? Try and think back on the books you read when you were younger and right up to this year. Someone at home might be able to help you or have a look on your bookshelves if you have kept your books. We could then put together a book recommendations list to have in each of the appropriate classrooms. The books could be any genre and could be fiction and non- fiction.

We would love to see your recommendation lists- please send them over to your teacher. 


Day 2: Today we would like you to do some dictionary work. If you don’t have any dictionaries at home there are plenty available online such as

Using the letters of your name eg J  o  h  and n for the name John, we would like you to investigate a new word you previously didn’t know the meaning of. You can go to the ‘j’ section, find an interesting word and write its definition into your work book. You can then carry on until you have all the letters of your name. If your name is short you could challenge yourself to do your surname too!


Day 3- Reading comprehension. Read the information sheet below about the Queen and her two birthdays. Then answer the questions in your workbook.


Day 4- Choose a character from your book and write an acrostic poem about them using the information you already know from what you have read. If you are currently reading a non-fiction book, write an acrostic about something/ someone you have learnt about.


Day 5- Write a setting description based on a story you have read recently- the stranger the setting, the better! Perhaps you could be even more creative after you have written your description and have a go at recreating the setting in a different way as part of the reading challenge… don’t forget to email a photo to your teacher if you do this to show them what you have created.


Day 1- Spelling: Can you find the definition of your new spellings and use them correctly in different sentences?


Day 2- A review is written about a certain experience. Think of a meal you have eaten recently. Your task is to become two different restaurant reviewers and to write about two very different experiences you may have had eating the same meal. Write their two reviews, with one loving the meal and everything about the ‘restaurant’ and the other absolutely detesting it! Make sure you add lots of detail so your reader can visualise the restaurant through the eyes of the reviewers. Aim for around 100 words per review, although this can be more if you would like.


Day 3- Today we would like you to complete some revision of many of the different grammar concepts you have learnt about this year. Complete as many of the different activity boxes as you can in your workbook, reminding yourself what is meant by each key term.


Day 4- Today we would like you to think about someone who is still working hard, bringing a service to your front door, such as a refuse collector, postman, food delivery person. Thinking about how hard they are working to keep the country running, we would like you write them a thank you letter. We are sure they would love to hear how much we are all grateful for their hard work, so maybe you could leave it somewhere for them to find when they next come to your house.


Day 5- Today we would like you practise recognising where hyphens should be used. Please complete the sheet below in your work book.


Other Subjects


Spanish : Have a look at the attached sheet below that Mrs Read has planned for you.


R.E For this task we would like you design your own stained glass window which represents Coventry. Think about what you learnt about Coventry during and after World War Two and how it was likened to a phoenix rising from the ashes. Also think about the windows that you saw on our trip to Coventry cathedral and what each of these represented. Use this website if you would like a reminder:

You may also want to include your own ideas for things you think represent the city. When you have designed your window, label it or write a short description to explain why you have chosen certain features.


ICT: This week Mrs Sibly is setting your ICT work as a whole school competition! Year 6 are being asked to capture digital images around the theme of Food. She is asking you to choose an interesting angle and alter the lighting to capture the best colours. Once you have captured your image you can zoom in and crop out parts you don't want. Finally you could upload your photograph onto PowerPoint to alter the image further using the tool mentioned in the worksheet. All of the information you need is in the Getting the Right Shot sheet below.

Please email your competition entries you us and we will pass them on to Mrs Sibly. She will then choose 3 winners per year group whose work will appear on the Facebook page. Happy photographing!


P.E: The alphabet challenge… Can you make up a list of exercises or active ideas for every letter of the alphabet?

Once you have created your list, have a go at making your own workout using some of the ideas. Could you spell out your name and then complete these activities?  

See how many letters of the alphabet you can complete throughout the week. Can you challenge another member of your family to have a competition? We would love to hear what fun exercises you have come up with!


Christian Aid Week: This week is Christian Aid Week. Christian Aid is a charity that supports people all around the world. A lot of the work the work they carry out is supporting people whose lives have been affected by climate change. Climate change most heavily affects those people living in the south of the globe, which are some of the world's poorest countries,  even though these countries have had the smallest impact on climate change. This year, Christian Aid have set up a project called 'Letters for Creation'. They are asking young people to write letters to world leaders telling them what they feel should be done to stop climate change and the social injustice surrounding it. They are keen to hear your thoughts and feelings around this topic. We know you have done a lot of work on climate change in school so thought you would be able to complete one of these letters. If you want to, you can send your Letters for Creation to Schools Team, PO Box 100, London SE1 7RT or


A special task 


Year 6…

We would like to set you a special challenge. Each year we rely upon our Year 6 experts to help us prepare the Year 2 children who are moving to Eastern Green Junior School in September. With things being very different this year, we need your help in a different way. We would like you to create a short video for Year 2 to tell them all about things you have enjoyed throughout your time at Eastern Green and important things they should know (usually some of these ideas are shared at the new parents meeting). Think about what your favourite memories have been and what you think they need to know to help them become excited about moving to our school. Please send your videos to Mrs Aston may use some of your ideas on our website for the new pupils to look at. Good luck and have fun!