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Year 6 Week 1


This week the focus of maths is place value, addition and subtraction. We would like you to spend no more than 30 minutes on each activity. Please work in the book provided by school. There is a worksheet for each day attached underneath the Maths worksheets heading. To support your child's maths, we have also attached ongoing activities that you can use as and when you see fit. 


Day 1 - Place value 

Day 2- Rounding

Day 3- Addition

Day 4- Subtraction

Day 5- Mixture of addition and subtraction


We would like you to read 5 times a week for at least ten minutes each time that you read. You can use the following link to access extra reading materials: Also we would like you to complete the following activities. 



Day 1: Complete the VE day comprehension task.


Day 2: Design a new book cover and blurb for the book you are currently reading.


Day 3: Complete a character profile for someone from a book of your choice. This can be the book you are currently reading or another you have got at home.


Day 4: Write a prediction to explain what might happen next in your story. If you are reading a non-fiction text, select 5 new words and use the glossary to find out the meaning.


Day 5: Pick a descriptive word from your book. Write it down and use a thesaurus to write down five synonyms and antonyms for that word.

Writing/ GPS

Day 1: Practise your spellings every day using the ideas in your home learning book. 


Day 2:  Complete the speech punctuation sheet, recording your answers in your exercise book.


Day 3: After writing our poem last week, can you now write a poem using your senses. What can you see, hear, touch, smell, taste? If you can, go outside for some inspiration.


Day 4: Complete the passive voice worksheet.


Day 5: Conduct an interview with a member of your family about their time at school. Ask them questions about their school days. Before you start your interview prepare about ten questions to ask them. Write them down in advance so you don't forget them. Try and make the questions interesting and try and avoid questions that will just produce "Yes" and "No" answers. Record the interview if you can. Write up your interview in any way you wish.

Other activities

Activity 1: ICT

Watch the video about privacy settings and play the privacy pirates game.

Using the prompt cards answer questions about real life situations involving E-Safety.


Activity 2:  PSHE

Work with someone in your family to create a family tree. See how far you can go back in time.


Activity 3: PE

Complete a Joe Wicks School Fitness Week workout following the link below

Don’t forget Joe Wicks is also doing a live stream workout at 9am each day. You can access this via YouTube.


Activity 4: Topic

Research an animal which lives in your favourite biome. Present information about your chosen animal in any way you like- be as creative as you can! Think about their habitat, their diet, how they are adapted