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Year 6 Home learning

First day of absence work - week beginning 14th September 2020



Task 1: Complete the place value sheet 


Task 2: Complete the addition and subtraction questions using the formal written methods you have been using in school. Make sure you check carefully whether you need to add or subtract, and check your answers are sensible. 







Task 1: Imagine you have invented your very own time machine. You have the choice to visit any time period in history. Which time period would you visit and why? Write a detailed paragraph to explain your choice. 


Task 2: Think about what you would like to see or find out more about in the time period you have chosen. Write a list of at least 10 questions that you would like to find the answer to. Then have a go at doing some research online to see if you can find the answers to the questions you have asked. 



Task 1: Read for at least 10 minutes today and record this in your reading diary. Don't forget to list any new words you come across and try to find out the meaning. 


Task 2: 


Read the text about William Shakespeare. When you have read it enough times to feel you understand it confidently, answer the questions attached. 



We have recently started our unit 'Animals including Humans'. 

For this task you should create your own leaflet about what is means to have a healthy lifestyle. Think about both physical and mental well-being, remembering all of the things we have discussed in PSHE. 


Research and write information on a healthy diet, the importance of exercise, sleep and relaxation. Include anything else you think is important for a healthy lifestyle.