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Year 6 Home learning

Remote Learning Policy

Below is Eastern Green's Remote Learning policy. The policy outlines the school's expectations if children are off school self-isolating.

First day of absence work Autumn 2


For your maths task we would like you to complete the long multiplication questions, moving on to the word problems using the same method. Don't forget to use your zero as a place holder when multiplying by the tens digit. 



Grammar: A relative clause can be used to add extra information to a sentence. It can be placed in the middle or at the end and always begins with a relative pronoun (e.g. who, that, which...). Have a go at the  worksheet, changing the two sentences slightly so they become one using a relative clause. For an extra challenge, can you write your own sentences using relative clauses?


Task 1: Read for at least 10 minutes today and record this in your reading diary. Don't forget to list any new words you come across and try to find out the meaning. 


Task 2:  Choose a character in your book and write an acrostic poem about them using the information you already know from what you have read. If you are currently reading a non-fiction book, write an acrostic about something/ someone you have learnt about. You may want to use the reading book that your class are reading at the moment. 


This half-term we are starting our new topic 'Wheels on Fire'. We would like you to complete a research project all about The Victorians. 

Challenge yourself to find out as much information as you can about each of the following categories. Try to find out new information you do not already know.

- Victorian houses

- Inventions 

- Schools 

- Laws

- Food

Present this information in a creative way. We would love to see what you can find out! 

Challenge: Write a paragraph about how these ideas compare to how we live in the current day. What is the same and what is different? Are you pleased you live in 2020 or would you rather live in the Victorian era?