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How to upload work on Class Dojo through the portfolio page

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First day of absence work Autumn 


For your maths task we would like you to use your place value knowledge. You are going to read, write, order and compare numbers using your understanding of numbers up to 10,000,000


Spend around half an hour working through as many questions as you can. 


Remember to send your work back on your portfolio.



Please read through the information about plastic pollution and then have a go at answering each question in as much detail as you can. 



Look at the image attached below. One day you find this door at the corner of your room. What do you do? Who uses the door? Where does the door take you?


Be as creative as you can and write a short story using your ideas. 



This term our science unit is Electricity. Your task today is to research and write a biography for somebody associated with electrical discoveries. 

Here are some suggestions for individuals you could focus on:

-Thomas Edison 

-Nikola Tesla

-Lewis Latimer

We would like to know important information about their life, their background and what they are well-known for in the scientific world. 

You can present this information however you prefer- it could be a piece of writing, a PowerPoint, a video, a fact file...

We are looking forward to seeing what information you can find out!  






Extra Tasks

Read for at least 10 minutes today and record this in your reading diary. Don't forget to list any new words you come across and try to find out the meaning. If you do not have a reading book at home, send your teacher a message and they will set you a book on Reading Planet. 


Log on to Rock Star Maths and spend at least 10 minutes practising and challenging yourself with your times tables.


Practise your weekly spellings using some ideas from the spelling menu below. If you do not have your list with you, select ten words from the Year 5/6 list. Send your teacher a message on Dojo and they will send you the weekly spelling list.