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Year 5 Week 5

Week beginning Monday 4th May

For all of the work below you do not need to print out any of the worksheets, thank you Year 5. 

This week is a very special week as on Friday 8th May it is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.  Now you might not know what this is or why it is so special but hopefully by the end of the week, after completing these activities, you'll have a much better understanding of this historic event.  Enjoy! 



We are continuing our focus on multiplication and division this week by practising our written methods and solving problems.  We would like you to spend approximately 30 minutes on each activity.  There is a worksheet for each day below but you don't need to print these off.  Just record your answers and any working out in your workbook provided by school. 


Parents - if you (or your child) are unsure about the methods they should be using, there is a document in the Parents tab of the website titled "Maths Calculation Methods" for your reference.


Day 1 - Short multiplication using your written method.


Day 2 - Long multiplication using your written method.


Day 3 - Short division, with and without remainders, using your written method.


Day 4 - Division problems and interpreting answers, rounding up or down as necessary.


Day 5 - Problem solving using all of your number skills and mental or written methods as appropriate.

Times Tables Rock Stars


Your Times Tables Rock Stars challenge this week is to complete three 'Garage' sessions every day. If you have not already completed the 'Gig' session, you'll need to do this first. Once you have completed these you can go in all the other areas for lots more practise. Have fun! 


We would like you to read 5 times a week for at least ten minutes each time that you read.  You can use the following link to access extra reading materials if needed:

We would also like you to complete the following activities, all around the theme of VE Day.  Worksheets can be found underneath but these don't need to be printed off.  Just record your work / answers in your book provided by school.  Spend approximately 30 minutes on each activity:


Day 1 - Comprehension skills - "VE Day" Comprehension.  Read the text carefully and then answer the questions in your book.


Day 2 - Comprehension skills with a difference - "Code Cracking For Beginners".  During World War Two a lot of communication was top secret to prevent the enemy from finding out what was planned.  They used a system called Morse Code.  This was a way of sending messages without using words.  The code has its own alphabet made up of short or long flashes of light.  Can you read the messages on the worksheet?


Day 3 - Vocabulary focus - Read the article "Celebrating the end of war in Europe" and record ten ambitious words (new words for you to understand) used in your book and write what each one means by the side.


Day 4 - Identifying similarities and differences - Read the two sources of evidence "Grandma's and Grandad's accounts" and compare their opinions of VE Day.  Record a table of similarities and differences in your book.


Day 5 - Design a book cover - Can you create a front cover for a non-fiction book all about VE Day using what you've learnt this week?  Draw it in your book or you might like to produce it on the computer (so you can use pictures from the internet) and then you could email us your final piece of work.

Reading Challenge

Can you complete our reading challenges over the next few weeks?

1)  Around the world - Will you be the first person in your class, year group or even the whole school to read your way around the world?


2)  Story explorer - Be creative and show where your reading has taken you recently.


Read through the instructions on the sheet below and have a go!  Don't forget to keep your class teacher updated via your year group email address.  We would love to share some of your ideas and distances on our Facebook page and our website.


We would like you to complete the following writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar activities.  Please spend approximately 30 minutes on each activity.  Worksheets can be found underneath but they do not need to be printed off.  Just record your work / answers in your book provided by school.


Day 1 - Spellings - Practise homophones and near homophones.  Look at the worksheet below for more information and words to learn.  There is also a video link for you to look at to help you.


Day 2 - Inference skills - Look closely at the photograph on the worksheet which shows people coming together to celebrate VE Day.  Imagine you are in the picture.  Describe the sights and sounds that you might see and hear.  You could write descriptive sentences or a short paragraph.  How might you be feeling?


Day 3 - Editing with a focus on punctuation - Union Jack flags were flying everywhere when VE Day was celebrated.  Copy out the text all about the Union Jack Flag from the worksheet and put in the correct punctuation.  There are 12 missing capital letters, 2 missing full stops, 2 missing apostrophes, 1 missing question mark, 1 missing comma and 1 missing set of brackets.  Can you find them all?


Day 4 - Empathy writing - Read the information about Michael on the worksheet.  He was a boy who was evacuated to the countryside for safety during the war.  Use what you have learnt about Michael's experiences to help you write a diary entry.  Write in the first person as if you were Michael and describe your thoughts and feelings on VE Day.


Day 5 - Writing a poem - Use everything you have learnt this week to help you to write a short poem about VE Day.  You could write an acrostic poem, a sound poem, a's up to you to decide how to structure your ideas (just like when we wrote our ambition poems at school). 


Other Subjects


We would like you to complete one activity a day from the list below.  You can choose which activity you do on which day.  We would love to see some of the work that you do so please email us some examples (


Task 1 - Art focus - VE Day was commemorated in lots of ways, including the production of special cups.  Have a go at designing your own VE Day cup.  Make your design eye catching and relevant - you could include flags, buildings or people involved in the Second World War.  Use what you have learnt from your reading and writing activities to help you.  Look at the sheet below to give you some ideas and guidance.


Task 2 - Music focus - Listening to the radio was one of the main ways that people were kept informed about what was happening during the war.  It was also used to provide entertainment whilst people were at home.  Listen to some of the popular and famous songs from the war using the links below.  How do they make you feel?  Listen carefully to the lyrics - what messages do they give?  Which one is your favourite and why?  Maybe you can sing along to the song and film your performance!  


Task 3 - History / RE focus - In some ways, what we are currently experiencing because of the Coronavirus is like what some people experienced during World War Two.  Can you think of five similarities between these two events in history?  Just like people were thankful on VE Day, we are thankful today e.g. lots of you are taking part in the Clap for key workers every Thursday.  Think about what else you are grateful for during these times and write a prayer to express your thoughts and to say thank you.


Task 4 - PSHE focus - People really celebrated the end of the second world war!  VE Day celebrations took place with people dancing and singing in the streets.  Many places held actual street parties where they celebrated together.  There are some similarities between what people experienced in the war and what we are experiencing at the moment with having to stay at home during the Covid Virus.  How would you like to celebrate when isolation and social distancing ends and things return to normal for us?  Plan a VE day style celebration for the 21st century!


Task 5 - ICT focus (Not related to VE Day) - Complete the "Lego Maze" coding activity as explained on the sheet below.  There are three challenges for you to have a go at!



The White Cliffs of Dover - Vera Lynn (1942)

The Lambeth Walk

Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again (Lyrics)

Lyric video for 'We'll Meet Again' by Vera Lynn. I love this song. :)