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Year 5 Week 2


This week the focus of Maths is Addition.  We would like you to spend approximately 30 minutes on each activity.  There is a worksheet for each day attached underneath with the questions on - please record your work and answers in the book provided by school. 


Day 1 – Adding 1, 10, 100, 1000 and multiples of these to any number

Day 2 – Using rounding to check answers to addition sums

Day 3 – Mental addition

Day 4 – Written addition

Day 5 – Problem solving

Maths worksheets


We would like you to continue reading 5 times a week for at least ten minutes each time.

More reading resources and books can be found using this link:

We would also we would like you to complete the following activities below, all around the theme of Toys and Games. Worksheets can be found underneath. Spend approximately 30 minutes on each activity and record your work in the workbook provided by school.


Day 1 – Comprehension Skills – Game Reviews

Please read the text and decide if each statement is fact or opinion. Record whether it is fact or opinion in your workbook. You could copy out the statement to practise your handwriting.


Day 2 – Comprehension – A Moving Toy

Read the text and answer the questions in your workbook.


Day 3 – Jumbled Up Instructions

The instructions are mixed up. Put them into the correct order, including the titles. Copy them into your workbook. You can also draw pictures to match each instruction.


Day 4 – Vocabulary – Word Sort

Look at the worksheet. Sort the words into the correct group and record them in your workbook.  


Day 5 – Reading Book

Read a chapter of your own reading book. Write a summary of the chapter. Remember summarise means to retell the main ideas or event in your own words.

S – Shorter version of the original

U – Use your own words

M – Main Point

Reading worksheets

Writing / SPAG

We would like you to complete the following writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar activities:


Day 1 – Spellings – Practise 10 words using the strategies taught at school.  Get your parent or carer to test you at the end of the week.

Day 2 – Punctuation practice – Complete “Commas after introductions” worksheet in your book.

Day 3 – Sentence work (Relative clauses) – complete the worksheet in your book.

Day 4 – Writing activity “Powerless” – follow the instructions on the worksheet below.

Day 5 – On-going writing activity – At the end of each week we would like you to write a diary entry or newspaper style report reviewing your week.  Record any key events or memorable experiences as well as your thoughts and feelings.

Writing worksheets

Other Subjects

We would like you to complete one activity a day from the list below. You can choose which activity you do on which day.

The subjects could include: Science, History/Geography, ICT, PE, Spanish, PSHE, RE, Music, RE and Art. Enjoy learning about the world around us!


Activity 1 - Spanish

Draw a picture of your family members in your workbook and label them according to their relationship to you. There is a table of useful vocabulary below to help you.


Activity 2 - PSHE

Design and make your own game. This could be a game to play in the garden, a board game or a card game. It is up to you what the theme of the game is but you may want to base it on something you like or that you are interested in. When you have finished, play it with your family.


Activity 3 - ICT – What is a Computer?

Watch the clip and read the information sheet about what a computer is. Copy the grid into your workbook and complete it to show the difference between input and output devices.

Can you design your own input or output device that might help round the house? Annotate your design.

You could also watch this video:


Activity 4 - History Of Toys and Games

Find out about five toys and games that were played in the past - this could be a Roman toy, a Victorian toy, toys your grandparents played with, games your parents played or a modern day game.  Record these chronologically in your workbook by drawing each one and then writing about it. You could include: What each toy is? What it is made out of? How it was/is played with? Who played with it? Whether we still play with the toy today?


Activity 5 - RE: Jesus and his mission

Sunday 5th April is Palm Sunday in the Christian calendar. Read the story of Palm Sunday using the PowerPoint (or in a Bible or a version online). Think about the mission that Jesus was on and how he must have felt at this point in his life. Have a go at making a palm cross out of a strip of paper following the instructions on the sheet below.