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Year 5 Transition Week

This week Mrs Albans and Miss Colbourne are setting the work for you. 

Hi Year 5. We are really excited to be setting your work this week. We hope that these tasks will help us to get to know you all a bit before we welcome you to Year 6 in September.

Please watch the video link below to hear a little message from us.

Welcome from Mrs Albans and Miss Colbourne

Still image for this video
In case you want a little reminder of which classroom you will be in next year, we have included a PowerPoint below showing our classroom doors and inside our classrooms.

This week we would really like you to send us at least two pieces of work you are really proud of throughout the week.You can send this to us via the Year 6 email account


Please try to spend approximately 2 hours each day on the different activities- some will take longer than others.


Keep checking back to the website during the week as we will be adding some of our own versions of the tasks to help you get to know us too. 


Task 1- Figure me out

We would like you to write a set of sums to help us to find out all about you. Can you give us number sentence clues that will lead us to knowing different things about you such as your age, your shoe size, your birth month, your birth date, the number of people you live with, the number of letters in your name, the number of pets you own, your height in centimetres, the number of letters in your new teacher’s name...

You can also include any other facts about yourself using numbers.

Have a look at the example attached below.


Task 2- Write a postcard

We would like you to write a postcard to the current Year 4  children telling them what to expect in Year 5. This is a chance for you to reflect on the time you have spent in Year 5 and will help us to see what you have enjoyed and what you have found a challenge. 


Task 3- Shoe box portrait

Can you fill a shoe box with personal items that tell us things about what you enjoy and what is important to you? When you have found the items, you could photograph it or draw the items and send the images to us. We would also love you to write an explanation of why each item is important to you so we can get to know you better. 


Task 4- ‘All about me’ video message

Can you record a message, up to 20 seconds long, telling us the most interesting things about yourself? Keeping it brief helps you to think about what is most important. 



Task 1- Introductory letter

We would like you to write a letter to us about yourself. This is your chance to impress us with your writing skills and add enough detail that we can learn lots about your favourite hobbies, lessons, sports, and so on. Tell us anything you would like us to know!


Task 2- Create your own maths board game

Using ideas of things you are looking forward to next year, create a board game like the one in the example attached. Within your game you could earn more points if you land on something you are looking forward to about Year 6 and take away points for landing on any square without something Year 6 related in it or for something about Year 6 that you are nervous about

 E.g.  +100 points for representing the school   +100 points for earning housepoints +100 points for having a job in Year 6.


Task 3 - 10 questions

This is your opportunity to ask us any questions you have about Year 6. What would you like to ask? If you email us your list we will do our best to answer as many as we can. 


Task 4- Bubble name art work

For this task we would like you to write your name in large bubble writing and fill it with all of the different qualities you think you have, and other things that make you unique. You could do this pictorially, or in words, or even a mixture of the two.



Task 1 Crossword creator

Can you make your own crossword using your own ideas about Year 6? Think of a list of words that you think of when you think about Year 6

e.g. something you are looking forward to, something you are excited about, something you would like to know more about…

Then write a set of clues to help your new teacher to find out more about your thoughts.

Example: 1 across- I am looking forward to our new _ _ _ _ _ lessons. 

1 down- I am a little nervous about _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ on stage.


Task 2 Similarities and differences

For this task we would like you to think about your time in Year 5 and what you time in Year 6 is going to be like. Create a table of similarities and differences that you can think of.


Task 3 -Jigsaw piece

In Year 6 we are all one team who work together, as we will all have different strengths to help each other. Today we would like you to fill your jigsaw piece with images of the strengths that you will bring to our new Year 6 Team. You can either print off the piece or draw your own. If you can email us images of your jigsaw piece, they would make a lovely display in September. 


Task 4 -Scenarios for year 6

Have a look at the different example scenarios attached below. Can you explain to us how you would respond to each scenario. You could explain it to us through writing, drawing or even a serious of photos or can you even get members of your family to act out your response to each scenario.



Task 1- Five expectations

We would like you to draw round each of your hands. On one hand, write all the things you expect of yourselves in Year 6 and on the other hand, write what you expect or want from your new teacher or your peers.


Task 2- I am happy when.....

Use the following sentence starters:

1.I am happy when...

2.I am sad when...

3.I'm a good friend because...

4.I get worried when...

5.I get excited when...

6.I'm glad I’m me because...

We would like you to complete the sentences. It would look really lovely if you could write these onto 6 different petals to create a ‘feelings flower’.

Please see the suggested template below.


Task 3- Self portraits

Using any art style of your choice, we would like you to create a self portrait. You could do it as a true reflection of you or as a caricature. Have some fun showing us what you look like!


Task 4- I am poem

Write an ‘I am’ poem to introduce yourself. It should be a minimum of 5 lines and a maximum of 10. Each line should start with 'I am' and explain something about you


I am excited to see my friends,

I am nervous about the different lessons,

I am worried about finding my way around,

I am looking forward to new subjects,

I am going to take part in sport.


Let us know the important thoughts and feelings you have about Year 6.




Task 1- A letter of application

Times have been unusual this year but we would still like to know what kind of jobs you aspire to have in Year 6. Today we would like you to write a letter of application for your ideal job in Year 6. Let us know what qualities you have that would make you an ideal person for the position you are applying for. 


Task 2- Hopes and dreams

What are your dreams for the future? This might be a future that is very close, for example, something for Year 6 or it might be a distant future that you are working towards, for example a job you aspire to have. Let us know your hopes and dreams by creating a pictorial or digital image. You might draw, paint, photograph or act out your hopes and dreams. Be as creative as you can!


Task 3- 5 things

 If somebody else had the task of describing you, what 5 things do you think they would say… 

-if they are your friend?

-if they are your current teacher?

-if they are your parent/carer?

Choose as many different people as you want to, and tell us what they would say about you!




Times Tables Rock Stars Battle of the Bands

The Eastern Green inter-house tournament is getting very exciting as we reach the final week! Well done to everyone who has been trying so hard for their house team. Congratulations to Merrick and Neal who were last week’s winners.

This week, Merrick will battle Neal and Stafford are up against Curtis.

Remember it is the total number of correct answers over the whole tournament so it is still all to play for! So get your rock music blaring and let’s have an epic finale to this Eastern Green inter-house tournament!

Below are some of the questions you have sent us about Year 6 and some of the answers we are able to give you at the moment. We hope you have enjoyed your transition week and look forward to seeing you all in September!