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Year 5: Last week of home learning

This year has certainly been a unique year due to lockdown!  

Well done for completing lots of work at home over the last few months - we are so proud of you all blush 

For this last week, we would like you to reflect on your experiences and memories from Year 5 – whether they were from the time we were together at school or from the time that you’ve been at home.  


Day 1

Use your knowledge of place value to solve these puzzles. Record the answers in your workbook.  

Day 2

Either print off one of colouring sheets and use your times table knowledge to complete it, copy the grid into your workbook and complete it or copy one of the blank grids into your workbook and design your own times table colouring sheet.

Day 3

Follow the link to Mrs Quinn’s Escape the Maze puzzle.

Watch the video and solved the clues to escape the maze! Record your working out and the answer to each clue in your workbook.

TOP TIP – on the last question convert the £ and p into just pence so you can use your written multiplication and division methods.


Day 4

Pick ONE OR TWO of the problem-solving challenges below to solve. Record your working out and the answer in your workbook.  You could even choose to do them all!

Day 5

Use your knowledge of fractions to complete the Fraction Flag sheet OR the Pirate Fractions sheet. You can copy the questions into your workbook and then complete them.

Times Tables Rock Stars

What an exciting final week to our inter-house tournament! Eastern Green, your determination and competitive nature made it the highest scoring week so far! Over the three week tournament you have scored almost half a million correct answers in total! This is astounding - well done to everyone. 


The final scores are as follows:


1. Merrick       157,483

2. Neal            149,258

3. Stafford      93,201

4. Curtis           90,135


A huge congratulations to Merrick! 


For your final week, have a bit of fun in Times Tables Rock Stars. Have a go in some of the festivals and play against some of your friends or people from around the world! Challenge your friends to a 'Rockslam' and watch to see if they challenge you back. Or why not have a go in the studio ten times to see if you can improve your rock status. 


You will have access to TTRS all over the summer too, so feel free to go on whenever you like to keep your times tables knowledge tip-top. As always, listening to rock music while playing is optional, but lots of fun! 


Day 1 – Describing a character from a book

Think about a book that you have really enjoyed reading this year.  Choose a character from this book.  Draw a picture of them on your workbook and then label different adjectives/ expanded noun phrases to describe them – both what they look like, and also to describe their personality.

Record three questions that you would like to ask this character.

If you could put this character into a different book, which one would you choose and why?


Day 2 – Your favourite book

Think of a book that you have really enjoyed reading this year.  It could be the same one as yesterday or a different one. 

Design a poster to advertise the book that you’ve chosen and write down the reason why people should read it!  Can you convince them through your poster?


Day 3 – Grammar work linked to your reading book

Today, we would like you to use your current reading book to find:

  1. Five different proper nouns
  2. Five different verbs
  3. Five different conjunctions
  4. Five different adverbs
  5. Five different adjectives

Copy and record the examples that you have found in your workbook. 


Day 4 – Create a crossword / quiz / wordsearch

Can you make up your own crossword / wordsearch or quiz questions about a book that you have read, either at home or at school.  Think about settings, characters’ names and personalities, main events…make up your own clues if you are doing a crossword e.g. this was the name of the boat Michael and his family went travelling in, in Kensuke’s Kingdom or write down your ideas as questions e.g. What was the name of the boat that Michael and his family went travelling in in the book Kensuke’s Kingdom?


Day 5 – Performing a poem

On the sheet below is a poem called “If”.  It gives very important messages about believing in yourself and achieving your goals – something which is really important as you get ready to be in Year 6.

We would like you to learn this poem (off by heart if you can) and then perform it to someone at home.  If you can record your performance and send it to us, we would love to see it! 


Day 1 – A to Z of learning

This year you will have learnt lots of new things, both at school and at home during lock down.  Your knowledge and understanding of different subjects has developed and you have learnt lots of new skills!  See if you can complete this   A-Z by recording a fact or statement of something you've learnt in Year 5 for each letter of the alphabet!

Day 2 – My Achievements

Sit and reflect on what you are particularly proud of this year.  What are your top three achievements?  It could be something linked to your learning, maybe it's linked to your activities before / after / out of school, maybe it's linked to how you've coped with lock down or new skills that you've learnt or developed at home? 

Write down your top three achievements in your workbook and explain why you feel proud of each one.  You could then illustrate your work with stars / a trophy or a rosette if you want to.

Day 3 – My funniest memory of Y5

Think of a funny memory that you have from this year - one that makes you smile or laugh!  We would like you to record this memory as a page in a comic book.  Draw pictures and use speech bubbles to share your memory.

Day 4 – Friendship poem

One of the hardest things that we’ve found really difficult during lockdown is not being able to see our friends.  Our friendships are really important to us and a key part of your time in, and out of, school.

Today, we would like you to write a poem about friendship.  You could dedicate your poem to one (or more) of your friends and tell them why they are so special, what you've missed doing during lockdown and what you are looking forward to doing next time you see them.  You can structure your poem however you want to – as an acrostic, a rhyming poem, a sound poem…the choice is yours. 

Day 5 – Looking forward to summer

Although it feels different this year, we are now looking forward to the summer holidays! Think of five things that you would like to do over the next six weeks and record these in your workbook, explaining what you would like to do and why.

Other subjects

Lockdown Collage

The last three months have been a very different time for us all.  For you, lockdown saw schools close and you had to get used to working from home instead of coming to school.  Some of you did continue to come to school as “Key worker groups” but as you found, things at school were very different too.  For most of us, lockdown has been a time of highs and lows; we have found things that we have really enjoyed and we have also experienced things that have made us feel sad or unhappy.

For this task, we would like you to create a collage of your time in lockdown.  Be creative – you could use photos that you’ve taken, you could draw pictures with symbols / emojis, you could cut out pictures or headlines from newspapers or magazines that you might have…You might want to create your collage by cutting and sticking things together, or you may want to draw / paint your experiences or you may want to work on the computer to create your collage and show off some of your ICT skills…It’s up to you! 

Whichever way you do it, your collage should show some of the things that you’ve done during lockdown and it should also reflect your emotions of this time.


Knowledge Organiser

A knowledge organiser is a document, usually no more than two sides of A4, that contains key facts and information that children need to have learnt by the end of a topic. It is a summary of the knowledge and understanding they need to have of a topic.

Most knowledge organisers will include:

  • The essential facts about the topic
  • Definitions of key vocabulary
  • Diagrams to explain/show key information, for example: the course of a river, moon phases

There are some examples below.

Create your own knowledge organiser for one of the topics we have covered this year.

  • Megacities
  • Mountains
  • Rivers
  • Vikings
  • Forces
  • Earth and Space
  • Properties and Changes of Materials

Happy Art

Create a piece of artwork titled What Happy Looks Like. Think about the things and colours that make you happy. You could draw one thing, image or pattern, or a mix of images, patterns and words. It is up to you whether you create your piece using pencils, crayons, felt-tips, paint or you may choose to complete your work on the computer.


Sock Challenges

Below are the links to a number of the sock challenges. Try to complete each one. Could you compete against someone in your family to see who is the best? Can you come up with your own sock challenge?


Desk Organiser

Make you own desk organiser to help keep your desk tidy. Miss Moore will definitely be making one for her desk at home! Below is a template you can print out and stick onto card. Or you can collect household items such as toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and empty packaging boxes which you can decorate to make your own. There are some pictures below to help you.

Have a lovely summer holiday Year 5 and good luck for Year 6!