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Year 5 Home learning

Remote Learning Policy

Below is Eastern Green's Remote Learning policy. The policy outlines the school's expectations if children are off school self-isolating.

First day of absence work - Autumn 2



Last half term we focused on place value up to 1 000 000 in our maths lessons. Below are three sheets which revise and practise some of the skills we learnt. You can choose which one to complete or if you'd like to you can complete all three! 


Please read the poem Autumn Fires by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Answer the questions about this poem, then try to write your own verse in the same style. 


We have been learning about the famous artist Lowry and his work. Research another famous artist of your choice. Find out facts about their life and try to reproduce a piece of their artwork. 

Topic - Megacities

Using what you have learnt about the different megacities around the world, pick one of them and produce a leaflet to encourage people to come and live in that city. Include location, pictures, landmarks and the reasons why it is a good place to live.