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First day of absence work - Spring 1 



Last term we focused on the formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Below is a worksheet of questions for you to solve using your knowledge of the written methods. There is an example of each method at the top of the sheet. At the bottom of the sheet, there is a challenge section which you can also choose to complete.


 Watch the film clip below called “Teeth”.  Think about what the characters might be thinking or saying to each other and use your ideas to write a piece of dialogue.  Make sure you use the correct punctuation as we revised this last term.  Remember:

-Inverted commas

-Capital letters

-Commas / question marks / exclamation marks

-New speaker – new line

-Synonyms for said

Teeth - short film

Science - Materials

A material is the substance something is made out of (wood, plastic, metal etc). Different materials are used for particular jobs based on their properties (hardness, transparency, flexibility, etc). Watch this video to discover more about properties of materials.


Now complete the worksheet Silly Materials. Explain why each object should not be made out the material in the picture and why. Then suggest a material which the object should be made out of and why.


Last term we studied Ancient Greece.  The Ancient Greeks are also famous for their myths.  Many of these great stories involve a hero or heroine and a mythical monster.

Have a look at the "Tales of Terror from Ancient Greece" worksheet below and read about five famous Greek myths. 

We would then like you to produce a set of Top Trump style cards about the characters that you’ve read about.

Here is an example: