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First day of absence work - September 2021


Maths – Fractions

In Year 4 you learnt how to find fractions of amounts and how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. Please complete the worksheets using the knowledge you gained last year.

Reading Comprehension

Below is some information about Sir David Attenborough, please choose from the hard, harder or hardest sheet, read the text and then answer the questions.


Creative Writing

Look at the picture and imagine you were trapped in your bedroom after you had been shrunk. Describe your journey from the door across the room. Try to include adjectives and exciting vocabulary.
For the challenge, it asks you to use synonyms for big and small. Remember a synonym is a word that has the same/similar meaning. For example – big, large

Science - Silly Materials 

A material is the substance something is made out of (wood, plastic, metal etc). Different materials are used for particular jobs based on their properties (hardness, transparency, flexibility, etc). Watch this video to discover more about properties of materials.

Now complete the worksheet Silly Materials. Explain why each object should not be made out the material in the picture and why. Then suggest a material which the object should be made out of and why.