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Year 4 Week 5

Week beginning Monday 4th May

For all of the work below you do not need to print out any of the worksheets, thank you Year 4. 


Our focus for maths this week is Data Handling.  

We would like you to spend no more than 30 minutes on each activity. Please complete work in the book provided by school. Worksheets are attached at the bottom of the page.

To support your child’s maths, we have also attached ongoing activities that you can use as and when you see fit.


Day 1:

Reading and Interpreting Pictograms.

Note: A pictogram is a type of graph that uses pictures or symbols to show or compare data.


Day 2:

Reading, Interpreting and Drawing Bar Charts.

Note: A bar chart is a graphical display of data using bars of different heights.


Day 3:

Reading, Interpreting and Completing Tally Charts.

Note: Tally charts are used to collect data quickly and efficiently, using a mark to represent each number.


Day 4:

Reading and Interpreting Line Graphs. 

Note: A line graph is used to display information which changes over time. It is plotted as a series of points joined with straight lines.


Day 5:

Solving Comparison, Sum and Difference Problems. 

Times Tables Rockstars


Your Times Tables Rock Stars challenge this week is to complete three 'Garage' sessions every day. If you have not already completed the 'Gig' session, you'll need to do this first. Once you have completed these you can go in all the other areas for lots more practise. Have fun! 

Times Tables Rockstars


Please continue with reading 5 times a week for ten minutes. In addition, we would like you to complete these daily reading activities.


Day 1:

Choose your favourite story. Record yourself reading the story using expression and a story-telling style. Send your video to your teacher so they can hear you read.


Day 2:

Complete the worksheet below about rhyming words. Rhyming words are used a lot in poetry and can be tricky to spot.


Day 3:

Use the link from discovery education to create your own word puzzle. This could be a wordsearch, a crossword etc. If you want your teacher to have a go at it, email it over to them!


Day 4:

Think about your favourite author. Write a letter to them, persuading them to come and visit our school. Think about how you can make your letter persuasive and what writing techniques you would use. You could even research some facts about the importance of reading and try to include some statistics in your letter.


Day 5:

Choose your favourite author and do some research about their life. Create a short biography about them. You can present this in any way you choose, either in a poster, a booklet, a powerpoint, a popplet etc.

Reading Worksheets

Reading Challenge


Can you complete our reading challenges over the next few weeks?

1) Around the world- Will you be the first person in your class, year group or even the whole school to read your way around the world? 

2) Story explorer- Be creative and show us where your reading has taken you recently.



Read through the instructions below and have a go! Don't forget to keep your class teacher updated via your year group email address. We would love to share some of your ideas and distances on our Facebook page and our website.  

Reading Challenge Information

Writing/ SPAG

Please complete these activities in the book provided. We expect you to spend about 30 minutes on each activity.


Day 1:

Read the chapter below called ‘Chapter 15- The Chocolate Room’ from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Now have a go at writing your own description of a chocolate room. Try to use lots of descriptive writing techniques, with a particular focus on expanded noun phrases using with.


Day 2:

Complete the activity sheet below called ‘apostrophes for possession’. Possession is when we are saying something belongs to someone. Apostrophes are used to show possession, such as ‘Miss Hewitt’s shoes’.


Day 3:

Practise your new weekly spellings below. On Friday, ask an adult to test you. Use the strategies we have suggested to you to practise.


Day 4:

Write your own short, funny children’s story called ‘How the Elephant got his Trunk’. Try to think of the audience for your writing and make it as funny and entertaining as possible. If you want to make your teachers giggle, send it over for them to read too!


Day 5:

Complete the apostrophes test below by writing the answers in your workbook.  


Other Subjects

We would like you to complete one activity a day from the list below. You can choose which activity you do for each day. The subjects could include: Science, History/Geography, ICT, PE, Spanish, PSHE, Music, RE and Art. Enjoy learning about the world around us.



This week we would like you to create your own P.E. lesson for people in your household to complete. You may like to design an obstacle course in your back garden with a variety of exercises or why not create your own style Joe Wicks workout! Keep your P.E. lesson to no longer than 30 minutes and try to include as much variety as possible. Aim to work the whole body!



First read the story ‘The Colour Monster’ using the link below. This is a story all about different emotions felt by a monster. We would then like you to practise drawing faces that show different emotions. E.g. Can you draw a happy face? Can you draw a sad face? Can you draw an angry face? Use a mirror to see how your facial expression can change to show emotions.



Remind yourself of the story ‘The Colour Monster’ using the link below. We then want you to explore how different music makes you feel. Listen to a variety of different songs and write down which ones make you happy, sad, angry etc. You may want to record these somewhere as you may wish to use them at a time when you want to explore an emotion.



This week we would like you to create a 3D object using your recycling from home. Be as creative as you can and try to think of an unusual 3D object that will ‘wow’ Miss Keenan and Miss Hewitt. You may choose to create a famous building, your house, your favourite place to visit etc. If you get time, send your teacher a picture of your finished design!





As Friday 8th May is the 75th anniversary of VE Day, we have planned a PSHE related activity for you to complete in order to mark this significant event. First, we would like you to view the VE PowerPoint following the link below, which will teach you about VE day. We would then like you to create a 'peace display' which demonstrates the importance of being kind to one another. Think about how we could still remember the past but build a peaceful future together. Think about what peace looks like and the actions we could take everyday to achieve this. You may also want to include the word 'peace' in different languages. You can present this piece of work in any wish you wish. A poster, a piece of Art, a PowerPoint etc. are all possibilities. Allow your creativity to take the lead. 

Other Subjects Resources