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Year 4 Week 3

Week beginning Monday 6th April

For all of the work below you do not need to print out any of the worksheets, thank you Year 4. 



Our focus for maths this week is Number and Place Value. We would like you to spend no more than 30 minutes on each activity. Please complete work in the book provided by school. Worksheets are attached at the bottom of the page.

To support your child’s maths, we have also attached ongoing activities that you can use as and when you see fit.


Day 1:

Find the place value of each digit in a 4-digit number


Day 2:

Find 1000 more/less than a given number


Day 3:

Ordering numbers beyond 1000


Day 4:

Comparing numbers beyond 1000


Day 5:

Solving number and practical problems 


Please continue with reading 5 times a week for ten minutes. In addition, we would like you to complete these daily reading activities.


Day 1:

Read the comprehension below called ‘Garden Birds’ and then answer the questions in full sentences. There are different levels to choose from, indicated by the stars (* hard ** harder ***hardest).


Day 2:

Choose 5 words from a book you are reading at the moment that you are unsure of the meaning of. Use a dictionary, or use the online dictionary below, to find the meaning of the words. Present your finding as a ‘vocabulary’ poster.


Day 3:

Think about the main character in the story you are reading at the moment. Write down 5 questions you would like to ask that character. For a challenge, try writing down the answers in the role of the character.


Day 4:

Choose your favourite book character of all time. Write a character description of this character. Try to include information about; appearance, personality, why you like them, behaviour etc.


Day 5:

Choose 5 interesting and exciting words from one of the books you are reading at the moment. Put each word in to a sentence of your own- see how impressive you can make your sentence.


You can also use the following links to access extra reading materials: free audio books online



Please complete these activities in the book provided. We expect you to spend about 30 minutes on each activity.


Day 1:

Remind yourself of the story book ‘Flotsam’ using this link.

Write a description of the third photo the boy finds using the success criteria below.


Day 2:

Look at the picture below called ‘The Circus’. Write a description of the circus using lots of writing techniques; expanded noun phrases using with, simile, alliteration etc.


Day 3:

Practise your 10 new spellings. Use the strategies we have been working on at school. Get your Parents/Carers to test you on your spellings at the end of the week.


Day 4:

Complete the grammar sheet called ‘Determiner Detectives’. Determiners are words that come before the noun to tell you how many there are or who it belongs to; eg. the, a, an, my. There are three levels to choose from, indicated by the stars at the bottom of the page. The answers are also attached for parents/carers.


Day 5:

Create an acrostic poem about ‘seasons’. Be as poetic as you can. You can decorate your poem using a border or a picture.

Other Subjects

We would like you to complete one activity a day from the list below. You can choose which activity you do for each day. The subjects could include: Science, History/Geography, ICT, PE, Spanish, PSHE, Music, RE and Art. Enjoy learning about the world around us.


Activity 1 - PSHE

Write a letter or a card to someone who is a key worker- maybe a nurse, doctor, delivery driver, paramedic, police officer etc. Make it as colourful as possible, thanking them for all their hard work during this difficult time. Ask parents/carers to post it to your local hospital or police station etc to brighten someone’s day and let them know we appreciate them.


Activity 2 - Art

Design a rainbow for the window of your house. Rainbows are being displayed across the country for children to count when they go on their daily exercise. If you already have a rainbow in your window, design a bear so people can go on a bear hunt. Be creative, you could use crayons, paints, felts, wool, flower leaves, painted pasta, etc.


Activity 3 - Topic

Use some of your recycling products to create a 3D model of a volcano. For example; boxes, cans, bottles etc. If you want to be really creative, you could use paint and crafts to decorate the volcano. Send your pictures through to your teachers- we would love to see them.


Activity 4 - Science

Go on a ‘States of Matter’ hunt around your home (and your garden if you have one!)

Using the table provided, make a list of all the solids, liquids and gases you can see. Some will be more obvious than others! Remember – just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there!


Can you write down three reversible processes? E.g. ice water


Activity 5 - ICT

Use the website

Work through the different activities and create a poster to show what you have learnt about keeping safe online.

Other Subject Worksheets