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Year 4 Transition Week

Hello Year 4 😊 It's Miss Bradbury and Miss Moore here and we are really excited to be your new teachers next year. Please watch the video of us introducing ourselves and explaining a little bit about how Year 5 is different to Year 4.

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We can’t wait to welcome you into upper school next year and we have set you some tasks this week that will help us to get to know you. We have also completed some of the tasks so you can get to know us!

Please choose 2 pieces of work that you are proud of and email them to us at

Remember to include your name and class.


Day 1 – Describing your favourite book

Miss Bradbury and Miss Moore both love to read!  We would like you to think about a book that you have really enjoyed reading.  What was it called?  Who was it written by?  Write an outline of the story and characters and then explain why you enjoyed reading this book so much.  If you split your page in half, then you could draw a front cover for the book on the left-hand side of your page and then do your writing on the right hand side like the example on the sheet below.

Day 2 - Design Your Own Book Cover 

Space is one of the science topics we learn about in Year 5. Read the blurb below from a fiction space themed book and design your own book cover. Remember to include the title, author and illustrator and to make it bright and eye-catching.  


Cakes In Space. Author: Philip Reeve. Illustrator: Sarah McIntyre.


Astra and her family are off on an exciting journey through space to start a wonderful new life on a new planet. Everyone is tucked up in their pods, to sleep through the long journey to their new home. But when Astra suddenly awakes in the midst of the voyage, she realises something is terribly wrong.

The Nom-O-Tron machine in the spaceship canteen has malfunctioned, and now the ship is being taken over by monstrous cakes - cakes with a killer instinct! Then there's the small problem of the alien space salvage crew who have invaded their ship in the quest for the only technology they haven't yet been able to master themselves… spoons! With everyone else still in a state of suspended sleep, it's down to Astra and her robot friend Pilbeam to save the ship.

Day 3 – Proof-reading and Editing

Read Why do stars twinkle? Follow the Instructions to correct the punctuation, grammar and spelling. Rewrite the text into your workbook.  

Day 4 - I Am Poem

Read the I Am template. At the end of each line, you need to add a word or phrase by following the instruction in red. There is an example written by Miss Moore and one by Miss Bradbury that you can look at to help you. These examples also tell you about what we think, hear and feel so you can get to know us.

Day 5 – Learning and performing a poem

On the sheet below is one of Miss Bradbury’s favourite poems.  It is called “If” and it gives very important messages about believing in yourself and achieving your goals.


We would like you to learn this poem (off by heart if you can) and then perform it to someone at home.  If you can record your performance and send it to us, we would love to see it!  Think about what type of learner you are from the PSHE task as this will help you.  You might keep reading the poem over and over again until you remember the lines, you might record yourself reading it and then keep listening to your recording or you might want to add in actions to help you!  Good luck!


Day 1 – Descriptive name clouds

We would like you to create your own name cloud like the example below.  You need to think about the letters in your name and then choose adjectives to describe yourself using these letters.  Good luck!

Here are Miss Bradbury's and Miss Moore's name clouds that we've created so that you can learn a little about us too!

Miss Moore's and Miss Bradbury's Name Clouds

Day 2 - A Potion for A Good Friend

What makes a good friend? What characteristics/traits do you look for in a good friend? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Happy
  • Kind
  • Thoughtful
  • Fun
  • Forgiving

Now write a list of ingredients for a potion that is called ‘A Good Friend’. Think about the quantities/amounts of each thing you want to include.

  • A spoonful of mischievousness
  • Pinch
  • Dash
  • Dollop
  • Cupful
  • Packet of

You could also include instructions for how to make your potion.

  • Mix in a dash of forgiveness
  • Stir
  • Boil

Write your potion recipe out in your workbook, on the computer or on a piece of paper. You could draw a large potion bottle and write inside it.

Day 3 – I am amazing letter to my teacher

We are all unique and we all have qualities and talents that make us special.  We would like to find out more about you and give you a chance to find out more about us.


You need to look at the prompts on the “I Am an Amazing Person!” sheet below.  Complete each star thinking about all of your special qualities and then use this information to write us a letter telling us all about you.  Remember you can include some questions in your letter if you want to find out more about us too.  

Try your hardest to impress us with your writing skills!

Day 4 - A Great Classroom

Imagine what you would like your classroom to be like. Think about how it should look, feel and sound so that it a place where you want to be every day and the best place for you to learn. Copy the sheet into your workbook or onto a piece of paper. You can make it as bright and colourful as you like. Each section or word/phrase could be in a different style of writing or colour. For each section add words and phrases to describe what you would like the classroom to be like. 

Try to use engaging and imaginative vocabulary. Here are some examples of things you could include:

Looks – fun       happy children             helpful teacher               raised hands

Sounds - kind words         thoughtful questions        laughing       quiet working

Feels – a safe place         happy           welcoming              a place to learn

Day 5 – Spellings

Today we would like to use either the scrabble spelling or secret code spelling idea to learn the 10 words below. Five of the words are from the Year 3/4 list and five of the words are from the Year 5/6 list. There is an example of how to complete each spelling activity on the sheet.

actually                           achieve

believe                            excellent

experiment                     definite

knowledge                        neighbour

separate                         temperature


This week, as part of your transition activities we have planned a variety of different Maths tasks around the theme of Harry Potter, which is the focus for our Year 5 PTA event and also some writing work that we complete in Year 5.

All of the activities are based on things you will have learnt during your time in Year 4. We would like you to spend approximately 30 minutes on each activity.

On some days, there are two different worksheets. You can choose to do the OWLS sheet or the more challenging NEWTS sheet. It’s really important that you persevere and do as much as you can.  If you get really stuck on some questions then don’t worry!  Do what you can or ask someone at home to help you. If you don’t get all of the questions completed in 30 minutes then again this is ok as long as you’ve tried your hardest!


Day 1 – Number task

Numbers feature at the start of Harry Potter’s mystical journey to Hogwarts, when he arrives at the train station and platform nine and three quarters!  Today we would like you to complete the two tasks which are explained on the sheet below.  Task one is called "How many ways..." and task two is solving the mystery number.  You could also have a go at making up your own mystery number question if you want to.

Day 2 - Calculations

Lots of things are different when Harry gets to Hogwarts, including the money that they use.  Today you are going to be working with knuts, sickles and galleons!  Read the information carefully on the sheet below and then once you've worked out the first page (converting between these units of currency) you can choose whether you complete the Owl level or the Newt level questions to find out who has the most money in their vault.  Record your calculations and working out in your workbook.

Day 3 – Working with time

Each day at Hogwarts is very busy, just like our days at school!  Harry has lots of different lessons and activities to fit in so he need to be good at telling the time and working out time durations (how long things last for).  His friend Hermione helps him by using her time timer but Harry needs your help too!  Complete the sheet below to revise converting times between the 12 hour clock and the 24 hour clock and then choose whether to complete the Owl sheet or the Newt sheet for your additional task.

Day 4 – Potion Capacity

Use your knowledge of addition and subtraction written methods to solve the potion capacity problem. Record your answers in your workbook.  

Day 5 – Horcrux Hunt

There are 8 horcruxes to find. You can start with any horcrux but each horcrux gives an answer which leads to the next one. The answer is in the circle, you then solve the question in the box to find the next answer, which will in the circle on the next horcrux card. Each card follows on in a loop till you get back to where you started. Look at the OWLS example and NEWTS example. Your task is to design your own Horcrux Hunt. If you wish to do an OWLS level hunt, include addition, subtraction, division and multiplication questions. If you would like to challenge yourself, make a NEWT level Horcrux hunt that uses bigger numbers and includes addition, subtraction divsion, multiplication and fraction questions.

Other Subjects

PSHE – We all learn differently

As learners, we are all different.  We all have different strengths and weaknesses and we like different things.  We also learn differently…

...Some of us are visual learners, some of us are auditory learners and some of us are kinaesthetic learners.  Read the sheet below to understand more about these three styles of learning and then have a go at the quiz to work out what type of learner you are.


This task will challenge your imagination and your creativity!  We would like you to copy the drawing that you can see on the sheet below and then make it into a piece of Art work.  You will need to think carefully about what the lines / shapes could represent…

There is an example of how one person has completed this task on the sheet for you to see but there are lots of different ways that the line could be used - it could be part of an animal, an island, a planet, a person… Make it your own!


During Year 5 we usually send some children as part of a Year 5 and 6 team to represent the school in the Sports Hall Athletics Competition. All children in Year 5 complete the activities from the competition and from these results we choose who will be part of the team. Look at the guide sheet below which explains you how to complete each activity. You can practise as many times as you like. Keep a record of your best scores to see if you can beat them when we do this in Year 5!


This week is all about trying to get to know one another.  Complete the sheet below to show how you can introduce yourself and have a short conversation in Spanish!

Art / D&T / ICT

The last three months have been a very different time for us all.  For you, lockdown saw schools close and you had to get used to working from home instead of coming to school.  Some of you did continue to come to school as “Key worker groups” but as you found, things at school were very different too.  For most of us, lockdown has been a time of highs and lows; we have found things that we have really enjoyed and we have also experienced things that have made us feel sad or unhappy.

For this task, we would like you to create a collage of your time in lockdown.  Be creative – you could use photos that you’ve taken, you could draw pictures with symbols / emojis, you could cut out pictures or headlines from newspapers or magazines that you might have…You might want to create your collage by cutting and sticking things together, or you may want to draw / paint your experiences or you may want to work on the computer to create your collage and show off some of your ICT skills…It’s up to you! 

Whichever way you do it, your collage should show some of the things that you’ve done during lockdown and it should also reflect your emotions of this time.  We look forward to seeing some of your finished pieces of work!

Times Tables Rock Stars Battle of the Bands

The Eastern Green inter-house tournament is getting very exciting as we reach the final week! Well done to everyone who has been trying so hard for their house team. Congratulations to Merrick and Neal who were last week’s winners.

This week, Merrick will battle Neal and Stafford are up against Curtis.

Remember it is the total number of correct answers over the whole tournament so it is still all to play for! So get your rock music blaring and let’s have an epic finale to this Eastern Green inter-house tournament!