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Year 4: Last week of home learning

We just wanted to say a HUGE well done for all of your hard-work this year. The last few months have been very different, but we are very proud of you all. This week we have set some more 'fun' activities for you to have a go at. Enjoy your last week, and we wish you lots of success and happiness as you move in to year 5. 


Our focus for maths this week is –

‘Maths Investigations/Games.’


We would like you to spend no more than 30 minutes on each activity. Please complete work in the book provided by school. Worksheets are attached at the bottom of the page.

To support your child’s maths, we have also attached ongoing activities that you can use as and when you see fit.


This week, why not start your daily maths activity by completing a 10 minute maths challenge? Follow the link below.


Day 1: Planning a Holiday for Miss Keenan

Use your knowledge and understanding of addition to plan a holiday for Miss Keenan using the criteria on the document attached below.


Day 2: Maze 100

Use your problem solving skills to complete ‘Maze 100’ which is attached below. You have to try and get through the maze by making the numbers add up to exactly 100.

Why not also test your knowledge and understanding of subtraction using the game link below?


Day 3: Multiplication Puzzle

Complete the multiplication puzzle below, choosing a level that you feel able to complete. 

You may wish to challenge yourself to complete all 3 puzzles!!

If you want something extra, have a go at the 'Puzzling Products' challenge. 


Day 4: Division Board Game

With a family member (or by yourself if you prefer), play the board game which tests your understanding of division! Choose a level that suits you – you may even wish to challenge yourself to complete all 3 games!


Day 5: Monkey Mystery Zoo Challenge

Complete the booklet attached below to solve the mystery of the missing primates! This booklet will test your knowledge and understanding of different elements of maths that we have covered this year.

Times Tables Rock Stars

What an exciting final week to our inter-house tournament! Eastern Green, your determination and competitive nature made it the highest scoring week so far! Over the three week tournament you have scored almost half a million correct answers in total! This is astounding - well done to everyone. 


The final scores are as follows:


1. Merrick       157,483

2. Neal            149,258

3. Stafford      93,201

4. Curtis           90,135


A huge congratulations to Merrick! 


For your final week, have a bit of fun in Times Tables Rock Stars. Have a go in some of the festivals and play against some of your friends or people from around the world! Challenge your friends to a 'Rockslam' and watch to see if they challenge you back. Or why not have a go in the studio ten times to see if you can improve your rock status. 


You will have access to TTRS all over the summer too, so feel free to go on whenever you like to keep your times tables knowledge tip-top. As always, listening to rock music while playing is optional, but lots of fun! 


Please continue with reading 5 times a week for ten minutes. In addition, we would like you to complete these daily reading activities.


Day 1:

Complete the reading comprehension below called 'Back to School'. There are three levels to choose from; *= hard **= harder ***= hardest


Day 2:

Today you are going on a vocabulary hunt! We want you to find as many positive and negative adjectives as you can, to use in a book review e.g. mind-blowing, captivating, gripping etc. Use Amazon to search some of your favourite books, then look at the 'review' section to find examples of book reviews. Pull out any words that are of interest to you. Present the new vocabulary in your book however you wish, or simply divide your page in half. 


Day 3:

Make a list of books you would like to read over the Summer holiday now that libraries and book shops are re-opening. You could use the links below, or have a look at the recommended reading list in the worksheets section to give you some ideas. You could even write a letter to your parents/carers asking them to take you to the library and give the reasons why you want these books so much. 


Day 4:

Test your knowledge of children's books by completing the 'World Book Day Bonanza Quiz.' You could even get your family involved and make it into a competition! You will find the answers at the bottom of the quiz sheet which is attached below. 


Day 5:

Today we would like you to brighten someone’s day by reading a story to them! You might choose someone in your household, or you might decide to face-time/ zoom call someone and read the story to them!

Writing/ SPAG

Please complete these activities in the book provided. We expect you to spend about 30 minutes on each activity.


Day 1:

Have a look at the picture of the seaside below. Can you write a description of the beach using as many adjectives, similes and expanded noun phrases as you can.


Day 2:

We all wish we were going on a Summer holiday this year! Instead, we are going to pretend we were…so picture yourself in your favourite holiday destination, lazing on the beach, eating your favourite ice-cream! Write a diary entry about your day on holiday!


Day 3:

Practise the spellings in the word list below using the strategies you have been taught. Can you make a word search using your spellings this week? On Friday, ask an adult to test you.


Day 4:

If you could go on holiday anywhere right now, where would you go? Spain, Portugal, Italy, Jamaica, Barbados? Choose a country you would like to visit and create a holiday brochure with lots of fun facts and pictures! See if you can try to persuade other people to visit your chosen destination!


Day 5:

Today would have been your last day in year 4! Write a letter or an email (or maybe do a video message) to Miss Hewitt and Miss Keenan to say goodbye.

Writing Worksheets

Other Subjects

End of Year Project!


Each afternoon this week, we would like you to work on a project. The project can be about any of the topics we have covered this year; topic, re or science. Have a look at the list below to remind you of our topics in year 4. We would like you to showcase everything you have learnt and think about a unique way you could present your project. Have a look at some of the examples of learning projects below to give you some inspiration! We would love to see some photos of your final project.


Below are some points for you to consider when planning your project.


Things to consider:

  • Which topic are you going to choose? Have a look at the list below to help you.
  • Do you need to do some research to remind you about this topic? Write down all the facts you want to include.
  • How are you going to organise this information? Can you divide the information into sub-headings or categories? Makes notes about teach section.
  • Are you going to make any models to support your project, eg. a Roman shield, a volcano, a globe etc.  
  • How are you going to present your information? Are you going to create a PowerPoint presentation which you can add to throughout the week? Are you going to create your own podcast? Are you going to do a series of news reports/ videos? Are you going to use cardboard to present your project?



Year 4 topics you could choose:


Science- Electricity, Sound, Animals including Humans, States of Matter.


Topic- I am Warrior (Romans), Road Trip USA (America and the Maya civilisation), Disaster (natural disasters around the world).


RE- Holy books, Hinduism, Christianity. 


Suggested Timetable for the Week:


Day 1- Planning


Day 2- Researching/ gathering information


Days 3- 5 Creating

Project Examples