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First day of absence work - Spring 1



We would like you to spend no more than 30 minutes on each activity. Worksheets are attached at the bottom of the page.


Activity 1 – Timestables

We would like you to practise your timestable skills using the practise sheets below. These are timestables from 2-12 which you will need to know by the end of the year. When you have completed it, you can practise on TTRS for 20 minutes.


Activity 2 –Decimals

We have been learning about tenths and hundreths in fractions and decimals recently. Have a go at the practise sheets below to consolidate some of your learning in this area by converting fractions to decimals. Key information to remember; 1/10 = 0.1,    1/100 = 0.01.



We would like you to continue to read for ten minutes to an adult. Please ask the adult to sign your diary. 


Activity 1

Choose your favourite character from a book and create a character profile for them using the template below. Try to include key information about them, including their appearance, personality and behaviour.  



Please spend about 30 minutes on this activity.


Have a look at the image below. Using your imagination, we would like you to write a short story to go with the image. Try to include a beginning, middle and end, ensuring that you write in paragraphs. To really impress your teachers, try to include some of the writing techniques we have been learning this half term, including; fronted adverbials, noun phrases using with and complex sentences. 



In Science, we are currently studying 'Rocks'. For your activity today, we would like you to create a powerpoint or a popplet displaying all the information you have learnt about rocks so far. This should include; natural and man-made rocks, the three types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) and the rock cycle. Try to include diagrams and pictures to your work to add more information. 



This half term we have been learning all about Hinduism. For your activity today, we would like you to draw the inside of a Hindu temple and label the different objects/ parts of the temple, writing a short description of what these are and why they are important. 




Extra Tasks

Read for at least 10 minutes today and record this in your reading diary. Don't forget to list any new words you come across and try to find out the meaning. If you do not have a reading book at home, send your teacher a message and they will set you a book on Reading Planet. 


Log on to Rock Star Maths and spend at least 10 minutes practising and challenging yourself with your times tables.