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Year 4 Home learning

Remote Learning Policy

Below is Eastern Green's Remote Learning policy. The policy outlines the school's expectations if children are off school self-isolating.

First day of absence work - Autumn 2



We would like you to spend no more than 30 minutes on each activity. Worksheets are attached at the bottom of the page.


Activity 1 – Numbers to 10,000

Complete the worksheet below to practise your understanding of place value with numbers up to 10,000 You will be asked to write the value of a digit, read and write numbers to 10,000, partition numbers and order numbers. Please work on the worksheet provided.


Activity 2 – Mental Addition and Subtraction

Complete the worksheet below to practise adding and subtracting mentally. Be sure to focus on your speed and accuracy; the two most important things when adding mentally! You can choose your own activity to complete. You may want to complete them all!



We would like you to continue to read for ten minutes to an adult. Please ask the adult to sign your diary. 


Activity 1

Please complete a book review about the last book you have read. You may want to choose one of your class readers to review instead. There is a template below if you wish to use it. 



Please spend about 30 minutes on this activity.


First, read the short text called 'Keep out of the mud', which is attached below. Your task is to then write a story with the title ‘Keep Out of the Mud’. It must tell how George tries to join his friends to help build the den and look after Alfie at the same time – possibly with a disastrous result!



Vincent Van Gogh is an artist, who is famous for creating portraits (You may wish to research him before you complete the activity below). 


We would like you to draw your self-portrait, using a mirror to help you. Focus on the sizing of your eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Have a go at shading and using different tones. 



Learn all about Roman Musical Instruments using the resource below -  


We would then like you to create a poster which teaches another Year 4 child all about Roman musical instruments. Be sure to be creative and use lots of colour and interesting facts!