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Year 3 Week 5

Week beginning Monday 4th May

For all of the work below you do not need to print out any of the worksheets, thank you Year 3. 


This week the focus of maths is Mass. We would like you to spend no more than 30 minutes on each activity. Please work in the book provided by school.


Your Times Tables Rock Stars challenge this week is to complete three 'Garage' sessions every day. If you have not already completed the 'Gig' session, you'll need to do this first. Once you have completed these you can go in all the other areas for lots more practise. Have fun! 


Day 1

Reading weighing scales


Day 2

Reading weighing scales


Day 3

Comparing mass


Day 4

Adding and subtracting mass


Day 5

Practical maths/mass poster - see the sheet attached for information.


We would like you to complete the following writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar activities. 


Day 1: Time Adverbials

Complete the sheet called fronted adverbials in your workbook. Copy out each sentence in your best handwriting and choose a time adverbial phrase to make each sentence make sense. You could use one from the sheet or come up with a better one. Make them interesting 😊

Challenge: Choose a day and write a recount ‘A day in the lockdown life of your name’ Think about what happened and in which order using time adverbial phrases.


Day 2: Spellings


Day 3: VE Day postcard/letter

Write a postcard or a letter to a family member or friend recounting a VE Day celebration. Use the PowerPoint, VE day information and the internet to find out what would have happened at a VE day party/celebration.

What would they have eaten? What music would they have listened to? Would there have been dancing? Singing? Who would be there with you? How would everyone feel during the celebrations?

You can design it in your workbook, on a piece of paper or even the computer. There are also some photos attached below so you can see what it would have been like.


Day 4: VE Day writing choices

With VE Day fast approaching there are lots of things happening to celebrate the day including this competition:

Your task is to write a short news report about VE day- you could write it as a playscript and get your family involved, design a newspaper front page or article about VE Day, perform a poem, song or create a poster with information about VE Day, share a story about a family member who was involved in the war or read out your postcard/letter from yesterday. You might even think of something even better 😊 You do not have to send it off but if you want to be involved in the competition all of the information is on the above link.


Day 5: Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Fact file/poster

The Egyptians worshipped many Gods and Goddesses. Choose one you are interested in and write a fact file about them or create a poster with lots of key information in it. Do not forget to add what you found out to you KWL grid from last week. You could use these websites:

We have also attached for fun a hieroglyphic Gods and Goddesses sheet for you if you want to complete it.

Challenge: If this really interests you perhaps you could find out about more than one.


We would like you to read 5 times a week for at least ten minutes each time that you read. Also we would like you to complete the activities below. You can find more reading resources and books to read on the following link:


Day 1

Read the text about VE Day and answer the comprehension questions. 


Day 2

Using the information from yesterday, write a summary about VE Day. Your summary should be no longer than half a page and should summarise the main points of the text. You can write your summary in a paragraph or in bullet points.


Day 3

Asking questions to improve your understanding is an important reading skill. Write down ten questions you would like to ask about VE Day or about your current reading book.


Day 4

Imagine that you are going to release a book to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Design a book cover for this book. Remember to include a title, drawings, a quote, colour, the names of the author and illustrator etc.


Day 5

Design the back cover for your new book to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Remember to include a blurb, a quote, drawings, colour etc


Reading Challenge

Can you complete our reading challenges over the next few weeks?

1) Around the world Will you be the first person in your class, year group or even the whole school to read your way around the world? 

2) Story explorer- Be creative and show us where your reading has taken you recently.


Read through the instructions below and have a go! Don't forget to keep your class teacher updated via your year group email address. We would love to share some of your ideas and distances on our Facebook page and our website

Other subjects


Using the reacting to music sheet, listen to at least 3 different pieces of music, make them different genres and jot down your reactions to them. Don’t watch the videos just listen to the music. You do not need to print off the worksheet you can just answer the questions in your workbook.

You can choose your own pieces of music from YouTube, Spotify or CDs, ask an adult to choose some or you can use some of these examples:   Andrea Bocelli-Time to say goodbye   Bob Marley-Three little birds     Michael Bolton-Lean on me       Glenn Miller-In the mood      John Denver-Take me home, country road   Escala – Palladio  Lego movie theme-Everything is awesome  Queen-Don’t stop me now     Vera Lynn-We’ll meet again        S Club 7-Reach for the stars         Andy Williams-Moon river



Complete the Spanish sheet attached.



Either download, print off the activity sheet or draw it straight into your workbook. Your PE task this week is to go on 3 walks and then choose one of them to draw what you see. If you want to share them on the WOW social media pages ask your parents to do this for you. We can’t wait to see what you get up to on your walks. Although we can’t walk to school at the minute it’s still really important for us to keep active!



On Friday 8th May it is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. VE Day is a celebration and lots of people who were involved in the war effort were presented with medals for their bravery and contribution. Look at the attachment (design a VE day medal) and then have a go at designing your own medal. You don’t have to download and print the sheet off you can do it in your workbooks.

Challenge: Could you also design a medal for someone who has contributed to the battle against Coronavirus, been brave or helped you get through it? Maybe someone you know: your mum or dad, a family friend who is a nurse or someone you don’t know personally like: Captain Tom Moore, Boris Johnson, Joe Wicks?



Read the information about The 5 k’s (see PowerPoint or word document) and then answer the questions in your workbook. If you would like to you could produce a poster or a Popplet about what you know now about Sikhism.