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Year 3 Week 1


This week the focus of maths is addition and subtraction. We would like you to spend no more than 30 minutes on each activity. Please work in the book provided by school. There is a worksheet for each day attached underneath the Maths worksheets heading. To support your child's maths we have also attached ongoing activities that you can use as and when you see fit. 


Day 1

Adding tens to a three-digit number. 


Day 2

Adding hundreds to a three-digit number.


Day 3

Subtracting tens from a three-digit number


Day 4

Subtracting hundreds from a three-digit number


Day 5

Written method for addition and subtraction with no renaming


We would like you to read 5 times a week for at least ten minutes each time that you read. Also we would like you to complete the activities below. You can find more reading resources and books to read on the following link:


Day 1

Read the text and answer the comprehension questions.


Day 2

Create a book cover for the Stone Age Boy thinking about the story that we have recently read and worked on during our English lessons.


Day 3

Write a book review about a book that you have recently read. Comment on the characters, plot, settings and your opinion. 


Day 4

With your child, look in magazines, newspapers and books for new vocabulary they are unfamiliar with. They could use a highlighter to highlight in magazines and newspapers. Write down the new words that you have found and definitions.


Day 5

Write a prediction about the book cover 'The Accidental Prime Minister'. This is attached in the worksheets section below.


We would like you to complete the following writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar activities:


Day 1

Practise your 10 new spellings. Use the strategies we have been working on at school. Get your Parents/carers to test you on your spellings at the end of the week.


Day 2

Complete the adverb sheet. 


Day 3

Complete the handwriting sheet attached.


Day 4

Write a set of family rules, could they begin with ‘We always…..’ rather than ‘We do not

Day 5

Watch ​Newsround​ and discuss what is happening in the wider world. Summarise what you have watched into paragraphs.


Other subjects 

We would like you to complete one activity a day from the list below. You can choose which activity you do for each day. The subjects could include: Science, History/Geography, ICT, PE, Spanish, PSHE, Music, RE and Art. Enjoy learning about the world around us.


Activity 1: History/Art

Design a Stone Age weapon or tool and label it.

What could you make it out of? Consider what would've been available. 

What would its purpose be?

How would it work?


Activity 2: Science

Create a healthy menu. Using what you have learnt in One Body One Life and our Science topic 'Animals Including Humans' write a menu for your own hotel/restaurant/café including lots of tasty and healthy food meals. 


Activity 3: PE

Practise at least three of your Magnificent Seven activities. Get an adult to time you for 30 seconds and record you score. Repeat as many times as you can. Try to beat your score.


Activity 4: Spanish

Please write out the Spanish sums and answers.


Activity 5: ICT

Using the website work through the different activities and create a poster to show what you have learnt about keeping safe online.