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Year 3 Transition Week

Hello Year3! 


We are so excited to be your new teachers next year and cannot wait to meet you properly in September! We haven't had the opportunity to do our usual 'meet the teacher' day this year, so instead we are setting you a series of tasks to get to know one another! Hopefully you will find them lots of fun and get to know your new teachers as well. We would love you to say hello and send us some of your work this week, so please email us your favourite 2 pieces of work, to Make sure you watch the video below from us too! 

Take care, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Miss Hewitt (3P) and Miss Keenan (3J)

Hello from Miss Hewitt and Miss Keenan!

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Tour of the Year 4 Classrooms

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Day 1- Figure me out!

Miss Hewitt and Miss Keenan have given you some clues about themselves. To solve the clues, you must answer the maths question and find the answer. Click on the ‘Figure me out’ activity below to find out more about your new teachers. 


Day 2- Maths booklet

We have heard from your teachers that you are excellent at maths, so we would like you to complete this ‘Maths booklet’ so we can see how good you are too!  We do not expect you to complete the whole booklet, and understand that some of the activities may be more difficult than others, so please feel free to pick and choose which ones you would like to do. 


Day 3- Create your own maths board game

Using ideas of things you are looking forward to next year, we would like you to create a board game. Within your game you could earn more points if you land on something you are looking forward to about Year 4 and take away points for landing on any square without something Year 4 related in it or for something about Year 4 that you are nervous about

 E.g.  +100 points for representing the school   +100 points for earning house points +100 points for being a classroom monitor. 


Day 4- Crack the code!

Miss Keenan and Miss Hewitt have written you a secret emoji message! Can you crack the code and find our what we have said…


Day 5- Football figure me out!

Now it’s time for us to find out about you! Complete the ‘maths football figure me out’ activity. Like we did at the start of the week, you need to create some clues for us to solve to reveal information about you! You can use the examples on the template below or choose your own information you want to share.


Day 1- A book about me!

Using the book template plate, create your own book about yourself! Create a front cover, and write a chapter ‘all about me’.


Day 2- Comprehension

Read the comprehension text all about Miss Hewitt and Miss Keenan. Try to answer the questions to show what you have learnt about your new teacher. 


Day 3- Ice breaker questions

We have created some funny ice breaker questions for you to answer. When you have written your answers, send them over to your new teacher to have a look at!


Day 4- Ice breaker questions

**Apologies, the incorrect document was attached for the ice breaker questions yesterday. We are sorry for any concerns this may have caused. Please see the new attached question sheet below.**

Now it’s your turn to make some funny ice breaker questions for your new teacher. Use the examples from yesterday to help you.


Day 5- Giraffe's can't dance!

Watch the video of Miss Hewitt and Miss Keenan reading the story ‘Giraffe can’t dance’. There are lots of things that we can't do yet, but we would like to learn how to in the future! Think about what thing you can’t do yet but would like to be able to do soon. Write your answers on the sheet below.

Giraffe's Can't Dance- story

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Day 1- Your friend's

You have been in the same class as your friends now for many years, and you know each other much better than we do! We would like you to choose people from your class and write one nice thing about them on a strip of paper. Eg. Miss Keenan, you’re special because you always put other people first and help everyone as best you can! If you can, try to do one for everyone in the class!


Day 2- English booklet

Your teachers have told us that you are fantastic writers and we can’t wait to see some of your work! We would like you to complete the ‘English transition booklet’ below so we can see just how good you are.


Day 3- Would you rather?

Would you rather eat a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps? Would you rather go to Australia or Thailand? Have a look at the ‘would you rather’ quiz below and send your answers to your new teacher!


Day 4- A letter to your new teacher

Miss Hewitt and Miss Keenan would love to receive an email or a letter from you. Can you send them one this week? You could tell us what you are excited about, what you are nervous about, and ask any questions you would like. We will then write a reply to you as soon as we can!


Day 5- Job applications

In year 4, there are lots of jobs that need doing in the classroom such as; crayon monitor, tidying the reading area, sorting the pencil pots, taking out the recycling, putting the chairs up, setting up in the morning etc. Think of a job you would like to do in the classroom in September and complete the ‘job application form’ below.

Other subjects


Day 1- Animal portraits

My name is Miss Hewitt If I was an animal I would be a bee, because I'm always buzzing around! I love to travel to different countries so would fly wherever I wanted to go! I love doing jobs for people so would do lots of jobs for the queen bee! If you could be an animal, what would you be and why? Draw a picture of yourself as your chosen animal and write some sentences underneath about why you would like to be this particular animal.


Day 2- One black dot can be…

Look at the examples below. What can you turn a black dot in to? Show us your fantastic art skills by being as creative as you can. Make a picture using just a black dot on your page to start.


Day 3- All about me artwork

So that we can learn more about you, we would like you to complete the ‘T-shirt about me’ or ‘things I love heart’ below. If you cannot print them out, just draw them on a piece of paper. Try to make it as colourful as you can! Have a look at the examples from Miss Hewitt and Miss Keenan below to find out more about your new teachers.




Day 4- Competition- class rules poster.

In September, we will be thinking about what class rules we will need to follow in year 4. Some of these might be the same as year 3, or there might be some different ones. Choose 10 class rules that you think will be most important and create a poster to display in our classroom. The best one will be displayed in your new classroom in September.


Day 5- Video message!

Now we have learnt lots about you, we would love to say hello! Can you record a short video about yourself to say hello to your new class teacher and email it over to us to make us smile. We would love to put a face to a name!

Extra Activities


Time Capsule

Have a look at the activity below. You could print this off and fill it in about your time at home during school closures. Once finished, you could bring this back in to school in September to show your new teacher! 


Countdown Calendar

We know lots of you will be feeling nervous about coming back to school- this is completely normal! Why not create a countdown calendar you could use at home, to cross off the days until you return to school in September. You could use the one below or create your own. 

Times Tables Rock Stars Battle of the Bands

The Eastern Green inter-house tournament is getting very exciting as we reach the final week! Well done to everyone who has been trying so hard for their house team. Congratulations to Merrick and Neal who were last week’s winners.

This week Merrick will battle Neal and Stafford are up against Curtis.

Remember it is the total number of correct answers over the whole tournament so it is still all to play for! So get your rock music blaring and let’s have an epic finale to this Eastern Green inter-house tournament!