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Year 3 Home learning

Remote Learning Policy

Below is Eastern Green's Remote Learning policy. The policy outlines the school's expectations if children are off school self-isolating.

First day of absence work - Autumn 2



Your first task is to change the verbs and adjectives to improve the sentences, just like we do in our English lessons.

Your second task is to write 5 of your own sentences using the verbs and adjectives provided.

Your challenge is to write at least three sentences describing what is happening using verbs and adjectives in one of these photos provided, you can choose which one.


Please use the written subtraction method to answer the questions on the worksheet.


We would like you to create an act of kindness calendar for a whole month.


Drawing with Rob is very fun. He is an illustrator for children’s books and teaches you how to draw. He shows you how to draw part of the drawing and then you have a go. You just need to play the video and pause the video when you want to draw what he has shown you.

Top Tip: Pause the video after he has drawn only a small amount e.g. a shape, a line etc. He has a lot of different videos, so you could have lots and lots of fun. All you need to do is go onto YouTube and type in Drawing with Rob. We have also attached the link.