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First day of absence work - Spring 1


Last term we learned how to use the column method for addition and subtraction. We also learned about renaming when we were using this method.

For your work today, we would like you to show us what you have remembered. 

There are 3 sheets to complete- you don't need to do them all but of you are feeling confident you may manage them all. If you are feeling very confident, you may want to do just a few from the first 2 sheets and then move onto the worded problems. 


1. Reading comprehension 


Read the text attached about the Stone Age and then answer the questions about it. 


Challenge: Create a mind map of what you have found out/understood about the text.


2. Reading

Please remember to read for at least 10 minutes each day. You can use your school book or one you have at home.


3. Spelling 

Practice your weekly spellings in different ways. We have attached a spelling menu below for you to choose from. If you don't have your weekly spellings at home choose 10 from the Y3/4 spelling list.


Last term, we spent a lot of term both in Science and with the One Body One Life coaches looking at how to have a healthy diet and how to be healthy.


These two activities will help you to remember everything that we learned:

1. Firstly complete the healthy lunch box activity

2. Then have a look at the board game attached. We would like you to design your own healthy living board game that is similar to the one attached. You can make up your own rules and consequences. If you are not feeling sure about how to do this, perhaps have a go at playing this game first to get some ideas. 




1. Read the information about different homes/settlements throughout the Stone Age to Iron Age period of time. 


2. Then complete the table about the similarities and differences about the homes to show what you have understood. 

**You do not need to print off the table. You can just create your own.**


3. Choose one of the homes you have learnt about and draw a picture of it. Labelling the different features of the home.