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First day of absence work - Summer 1


1. Open the sheet below and write down the time each clock shows.


2. Next choose 5 of the times and describe what you would be doing at that time in the am and pm.


For example:


9.10am I would be in school in an English lesson

9.10pm I would be in bed, sleeping

Telling the time


1. Comprehension 

Read the text about Tutankhamun's Tomb and answer the questions.


2. Reading

Please remember to read for at least 10 minutes each day. You can use your school book or one of the books set for you on Reading Planet.


3. Spelling 

Practice your weekly spellings in different ways. We have attached a spelling menu below for you to choose from. If you don't have your weekly spellings at home choose 10 from the Y3/4 spelling list.


Read the information about Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. Create your own Egyptian God or Goddess. You must:

  • Name your God or Goddess
  • What they are the God or Goddess of
  • Draw a picture of them and colour this in
  • Write a paragraph describing your God or Goddess


We have been learning about 'light' in our science lessons and we would like you to show us what you have understood by completing this activity:


1) Draw a picture of a light bulb, a fire, a torch, a candle and the sun. Next to each drawing please write a sentence to describe how each light source provides us with light and how it helps us see.


For example:

When the sun rises each day it lights up the world so we can all see what we are doing whilst we are awake. This is called daytime. The sun is an important light source.


2) Go on a 'light and dark hunt' around your home and garden'. Find 5 items which remind you of light and 5 which remind you of dark and draw some pictures of them. Underneath your pictures please write an explanation about why.


For example:

  • I have chosen my yellow football shirt as the yellow reminds me of sunshine and light.
  • I have chosen my stripy blue curtains because when I close them they make my bedroom dark so I can sleep.

Other activities

You can also log in to Numbots or/and Times tables rock star maths and spend some time practising your times tables and basic maths skills.