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Year 3 Home learning

First day of absence work - week beginning 14th September 2020



Activity 1

Please copy out each of the sentences on the 'Adjectives sheet' in your best handwriting. In each sentence find the adjective which describes the noun. Remember to punctuate each sentence correctly. You can even write some of your own as an extra challenge.


Activity 2

Please learn at least 5 of the spellings from the Year 3/4 spelling list. You can use the strategies listed below to help you.


Activity 3

In your best handwriting copy the joins out neatly for the days of the week. Copy each word 5 times and remember each day needs a capital letter as they are a proper noun.


Activity 1

Please complete the number bonds to 10 sheet or the number bonds to 20 sheet.


Activity 2

Please complete one of the comparing numbers sheets. You can choose a difficulty level of your choice by looking at the stars at the top of each worksheet.

*hard     **harder    ***hardest


We would like you to continue to read for ten minutes a day to an adult. Please ask the adult to sign your diary. 



Please read the information about a barn owl. Then complete the comprehension questions answering in full sentences. 

Challenge: Write three of your own questions.

Other subjects

Read the information about MRS GREN to remind yourself of how to identify whether something is living or not. Then sort the photos into two categories 'living things and non-living things.' You could write their names into two columns or draw pictures of them.


Some useful videos:


Challenge: Research one of the pictures in your living things category and create a fact file.