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How to upload work on Class Dojo through the portfolio page

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First day of absence work - Spring 1


Please use the written multiplication method to answer the questions on the worksheet.



1. Editing writing

We have been working on editing and improving our own work in class. We would like you to open the attachment below (editing sentences) and copy out the sentences neatly. Each sentence contains at least one mistake so you must correct them. In each section the subheading tells you what you need look out for but there may be other mistakes such as: spelling, punctuation, grammar and missing words. 

Don’t forget to use your best handwriting.


2. Predictions

Watch this clip but pause it at 18 seconds. Then write some sentences about what you think about the Marshmallow monster. How does he look? How do you think he feels? Is he a goodie or a baddie? What do you think he will do next?


Then play the rest of the clip. Does your opinion of the monster change? Why? What do you think now? How do you feel about the monster? Explain in full sentences.



Write your version the Marshmallow monster story and try and keep your 20 punctuation points! Remember to read through your work like you did in task 1 and edit if necessary. 


3. Reading

Please remember to read for at least 10 minutes each day.

Editing sentences


Last term, we studied our local area. We would like you to create a leaflet all about Eastern Green to show us what you remember about our topic 'This is Me'. Firstly, watch the video link to remind you about what a leaflet is. Then plan your leaflet. Finally, create you leaflet.


Below are 5 PE challenges. Open each attachment and practice the activity first. Then complete each one and work out which medal you have achieved. Don't forget to tell your teacher how well you have done.



Challenge someone in your household to beat your score or after a rest can you improve your score second time around?

Can you make up some of your own challenges? Use similar exercises or equipment.