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Year 3 & 4 Music Assembly

The Rocky Monster Show by Year 6

Wear Blue for Loo Day

Coventry West Rounders Champions

Band and Choir Concert

Guitar Assembly

Digital Creativity Awards Night

Victorious Rounders team

Year 5 teaching their own percentages lesson

Theatre Production: Tom's Midnight Garden

Year 6 'Fiver Challenge' logos

Walking Bus

Year 3 Artefact morning

Lighthouse inspired Art and English work

Grammar Girl visits Eastern Green

Whole School Reading Challenge

Fire Service Visit

World Book Day with author Mel Starkey

Year 6 Young Voices

Snow at Eastern Green

Guitar concert

Jack and the Beanstalk performance

Band and Choir performance

Year 5 visit Coventry Transport Museum

Dinosaur visits Year 3?

Year 6's trip to Coventry Cathedral and The Herbert Art Gallery Museum

Year 3 Traffic survey at Bannerbrook

Learning environment

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe performance

Year 3 and Year 4 Music Assembly

Year 3 Stone Age Assembly

Digital Creativity Awards night

Year 6 CSI DAY

Year 5 RSPB Habitats
Year 3 Coding
Easter Egg Competition
Year 4 Cadbury's World
Year 5 Anglo-Saxon Trip
Year 6 Zoolab

On Monday 7th March, Year 6 had the wonderful opportunity to be treated with tropical animals - brought straight from the rainforest! All children were excited for this. The keeper, Bryony, told us lots of unknown exciting facts about the animals such as a cockroach, a giant African millipede, a constrictor corn snake, an Amazon milk frog and more…Some of the facts were particularly amazing: Did you know that some frogs have a bright blue mouth? Also, even small snakes can suffocate you –luckily no such fate happened that afternoon! All Year 6’s learned lots and enjoyed this visit. By Nadia 6J

Number Day

Year 6: Last Friday Eastern Green took part in Number Day. For Year 6’s first activity we played games to do with maths e.g number bingo and card games. Some of us even brought in games and made our own version of ‘Countdown’! After we had played these games we did our main task; to plan and create a playground with a budget of £15,000. If the price was over £1000 we had to take 15% off the items. Occasionally we would have breaking news, for example for the next 10 minutes everything you buy is 35% off. We were put in mixed ability pairs and used our school playground as the format for our ideal playground. Using our percentage, subtraction and addition skills we had to work out how much we had spent and what budget we had left. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed Number Day and would love to do it again! By Louie Ward and Nadia Korkus 6C and 6J

Year 5

On Friday 5th February, Year 5 decided to get creative with number by designing and making a maths board game for Year 3. Firstly we tested some games to see which kind of maths games we thought were good. Then we carried out some 'market research' in Year 3 to find out what kind of games they like to play, themes they would like and which area of maths was their favourite. We also interviewed the Year 3 teachers to see what things the children needed to work on. After that we used these findings to design and make a board game for a group of Year 3 pupils to play. When we had finished making we had to write a set of instructions (this was quite tough but we persevered.) This week we took our games to Year 3 so that they could test out our creations. They were really enthusiastic and very good at playing the games. A good time was had by both Year 5 and Year 3. By Harry Humphrey 5M and Lena Rubio-Doering 5Mc

Year 4: On Number Day, Year 4 took on the ‘Smartie Challenge’.

We had to estimate how heavy a tube of Smarties was, then we weighed it. We noticed the tubes were all slightly different weights and when we counted the number of sweets in each we were surprised to find some tubes had more! Next we completed a tally chart to see how many of each colour there were and then drew a graph to show our results. We enjoyed our morning.

By Fern Mosley 4K and Haise Joseph 4H.

Year 3

Last Friday Eastern Green had a fun time because it was number day. Year 3 completed fun activities based on maths. We did all sorts of mathematical games such as practical Carroll diagrams, Venn diagrams and mental maths. We also played a Twister game using the hundred square on the playground. 

After that, we gathered data as a class about our favourite author and character. Then we worked in pairs to make pictograms for our reading display. We enjoyed doing lots of different activities because it reminded us all about everything we have learnt in Y3 so far. 

By Abi Bevan and Mia-Louise Walker 3M

Year 6 PGL Trip

Our Year 6 children and staff arrived back safely last Friday. All had a great time though were certainly looking forward to a restful weekend after their busy few days. Here are a few children’s views about their time away:


“My favourite activity was the giant swing because it was really exhilarating and everyone was involved. I really enjoyed being in a cabin with my friends too.” Hannah C 6J


“The abseiling was my favourite because it gave you the feel of what it would be like to walk down a huge building. I enjoyed the food- particularly the breakfasts!” Sam E 6J


“My favourite was quad biking. We were told they went at 10mph and I didn’t think that sounded very fast but it went very quick when we pressed the button! It was quite hard to remember to turn your body with the bike and I crashed! I liked the ‘after’ activities like the campfire and disco.” James R 6J


“My favourite activity was quad biking mostly because my brother had a motorbike and I like travelling at speed. I also enjoyed the free time because it gave you time to talk with all of your friends and to catch up about each others’ day.” Georjia E 6C


“I loved the giant swing because once you pulled the cord you got to swing really high. I also liked the quad biking because I had a little extra time to ride around the track.” Maddison S 6C


“I really enjoyed the giant swing, probably because we had to use teamwork and it was lots of fun. We went really high and there was a lot of pressure on the person who pulled the cord. I enjoyed walking in between activities because we did lots of fun songs with our groupies.” Cameron E 6C

Year 3 Greek Soldier

On Wednesday 24th February Year 3 were visited by an Ancient Greek visitor.  He pretended to be a farmer who had to work as a soldier.  He let us wear helmets and carry his shields.  We even went outside and held some Olympic races.  Unfortunately, the girls won!  We had a great day, and learnt lots about Ancient Greece.

By Joshua M and Charlie D 3M

Shakespeare Day
On Tuesday, ‘West End in Schools’ came into school to run a series of workshops with Years 3, 4 and 5 based on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare. Throughout the day each class learned a scene from the play. Some of the children had speaking parts and they quickly realised how tricky it was to speak in Shakespearian language. At the end of the day everyone watched each other performing their scene; Year 6 came to watch as well. It was a great day and a good chance to remind the children that Shakespeare was born in Warwickshire and is a huge part of British heritage.
Year 5 Planetarium

Year 5 Planetarium

On Monday we walked into the hall and saw a huge, inflated, black dome- we couldn't wait to get inside! Mr Allen, a space expert, came to our school to introduce and inspire us about our new Science topic on Space. First we followed him into the inflatable dome, we had to go in quickly because the air was being let out and it would have collapsed on us. After we were all in, Mr Allen showed us how the Earth spins on its axis so we have night and day. He then explained how the Earth orbits the sun and this is why we have seasons. We found out lots of facts about the moon, all the different planets and then we saw images of the star constellations. We had a fantastic time and this will help us with our Science lessons in the next few weeks. By Rahul, Alice and Liana 5Mc

Year 3 Creaturama
Year 4 Arts' Award

Year 4 Arts Award

Last Friday Year 4 spent the day at the Herbert Art Gallery and Coventry Transport Museum working towards an Arts Award. We had to think about all the different types of art around us. In the Transport Museum we completed an art trail around all the different exhibits. We had to look for examples of art and design and then complete various sketching tasks. In the Herbert Gallery we learnt all about different types of sculpture and then made our own figure out of clay. We really enjoyed the day and hope to hear soon whether we have achieved our certificates.

Year 5 visit Woodlands- We Will Rock You!

On Wednesday, Year 5 went to watch the students at Woodlands and Tile Hill Wood perform ‘We Will Rock You , a musical based on the music of ‘Queen’’. The children and staff really enjoyed watching the show, though sadly they chose to only perform part of it because we all had to get back to our own school for the end of the day! It was lovely to see many of our ex-pupils on the stage, two of them who were fantastic in lead parts…a time to feel very proud of what they had achieved!

Reading Ambassadors visit The Book Show

On Friday 26th February the Reading Ambassadors and some Year 3’s went to the Ricoh Arena to see ‘The Biggest Book Show on Earth.’ This fantastic event was hosted by the author of The Diary of Dennis the Menace… Steven Butler. He introduced the other authors who were there were: Alex T Smith  an author and illustrator of several children's books, including the Claude series,  Abi Elphinstone,  Kes Gray the author of the Daisy and the trouble with… series, Rob Biddulph who writes and illustrates picture books for children and Francesca Simon author of the Horrid Henry series.

Our favourite Author who was there was Rob Biddulph, he is the author of GRRRRRRR which is a book aimed for young children about a bear who loses his roar and gains a new friend. He introduced his book by drawing the main character of his book for us and then read his book aloud with us all joining in when bear says  “GRRRRRRRR”. If this event was held again we would definitely recommend going as we had an amazing time!   

By Donntay & Millie

Coventry Half Marathon

On Sunday 28th February, 35 children from our school took part in the Coventry Half Marathon School’s Challenge, in which we had to run 12 miles over a number of weeks and then complete the final mile on the day. We arrived at our meeting point at 8.15am in the freezing cold before walking to the holding area to complete our warm up. The run started at around 9.15am and all children completed their lap before collecting their medal and goody bag. The atmosphere was great and all children enjoyed the challenge! We would like to thank all of the teachers and parents for organising and taking us to the event. By Finn Merry-Smith and Maddie Suthers. 

Debating Competition

On Monday 8th February the Year 6 debating team went to the Guildhall to take part in a city wide debating competition. We had to propose the argument that ‘Every child should play a musical instrument’. It was a very tough competition and unfortunately we didn’t get through to the next round. Mrs Albans was very proud of us though and thought we spoke brilliantly and prepared fantastic speeches. We would like to thank the Year 5 debating team, Lena, Sam B and Megan W who gave up lots of their free time to help us prepare for the event.  By Sienna-Lee Taylor, Stephen Keith & Joe Benson

Fire Safety
Year 4 Making Pizzas
Have your say....Homework
Young Voices 2016
Guitar Concert
Cross Stitch Club
Art Club December 2015
School Band Play at University Hospital Coventry
Athletics Team Success!

This morning Miss Colbourne, Mrs Pritchard and Mikey from Rising Stars took a group of Year 5 and 6 children to take part in the first round of the Sports Hall Athletics. The other schools taking part were All Souls, Templars and Leigh. The children performed brilliantly in a range of track and field events and, although we had done very well in our track events we were unsure of our overall position in the field events. When the final points were announced we were really pleased and very proud to find out that we had won- there was only 10 points difference between us and All Souls. Our team now goes into the Coventry Schools final in the Spring Term. Well done everyone!

School Choir

Last Friday our school choir went to Birmingham Children’s Hospital to help switch on their Christmas lights. The weather wasn’t on their side and, unfortunately, the children got very wet in the cold rain. However, the children sang beautifully, remained positive and certainly did themselves proud. We received this letter of thanks from the Hospital this week:

‘We just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ to you, your staff and all the children who came along and helped with our Christmas lights switch on event which took place on Friday 27 November. Despite the rain we have received great feedback from those who attended and really enjoyed the performances from everyone on the night, especially your school choir. I do hope that the children enjoyed themselves and the rain didn’t put them off from being there on the night. Please can you pass on my thanks to everyone who helped ensure everything went smoothly and especially to the young people in the choir.”

Well done to everyone involved!

Royal Mail Letter Writing Competition

Well done and thank you to all our children for their hard work writing their entry for the Royal Mail’s letter writing competition. The theme was ‘My Dream Job’ and the staff have really enjoyed finding out more about the interests of the children in their class. We had applications for all manner of jobs - dentist, doctor, midwife, teacher, the Armed Forces, police force, astrophysicist, hairdresser, LEGO designer, marine biologist, TV presenter, Prime Minister, lawyer, Red Arrow pilot, dog groomer...! The letters have now been sent off, fingers crossed we hear more news soon!

Year 4 Art: Cartoons

On Monday Year 4 were treated to a drawing master class from ‘Kev F’, a published cartoon artist. He showed us examples of his work in the Beano and other comics, then demonstrated how he drew some characters and gave us some tips on sketching faces. We then had a go at creating our own cartoon character. Later he showed us how to create a cartoon strip story. While we had a go at our own story he drew a caricature of each of us in turn. Later he made all of our work in to our very own class comic. We really enjoyed the session and have been busy testing out our new skills sketching our own self-portraits …cartoon style! By 4H and 4K

Year 3 Practical Maths
Year 3 Comedian visit

On Tuesday 10th November, Year 3 were visited by an author called Ian Billings. He was also a scriptwriter for Chucklevision and is now a comedian. We thought he was really funny and we enjoyed making new characters using our imagination. He made us do lots of funny actions to help our imagination work better and it was really exciting to meet a real life author. In the afternoon he did a comedy show about Hansel and Gretel, our favourite part was when he got lots of children involved in the play. 

By Becca Morgan and Lailah Power 3M

Year 4 Dance Performance
Year 4 Gurdwara visit

On Wednesday morning Year 4 went to visit a Gurdwara (a Sikh temple) in Leamington Spa. When we arrived we had to take off our shoes and wash our hands as a sign of respect. We also put a scarf over our heads. We were then taken upstairs to the main prayer hall. In here there was a man reading from the Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh holy book). We showed respect by bowing down and then made a wish.  Next we went upstairs again to another prayer hall where our guide talked to us all about the different Gurus and helped us to understand more about Sikhism. We were then given chance to taste some parshad…some of us thought it tasted delicious, some of us were not quite sure! To finish our visit we were kindly given a biscuit and a drink of squash. We really enjoyed the trip, it was interesting to hear about the Sikh religion and learn about their customs and culture. 

By James Mackintosh 4K and Connor Armstrong 4H.

Year 6 Coventry Cathedral

On Wednesday Year 6 visited Coventry Cathedral to support the work they have been doing in R.E. lessons. We were split into 3 groups. Our group started in the new Cathedral. We looked at the West Screen where Saints and Angels are engraved- we learned about some of the people on there and what they did. After the new Cathedral we looked at the old cathedral. We had to spot 2 squirrels which were the ‘signature’ of the person who designed the Cathedral and had a chance to look at the statues and sculptures in there. It was interesting to see that some stained glass still remained after the bombing and fires during World War 2. The words ‘Father Forgive’ are written behind two beams that fell in the shape of a cross after the Coventry Blitz.

We had a great morning learning about the Cathedral.

By Hannah and Millie 6J

Children In Need 2015

A massive thank you to you all for helping us to raise £444.35 for Children in Need. We had a lovely start to the day (despite the rain) with Pudsey welcoming the children at the school gate!

Anti-Bullying Theatre Production

This morning our usual celebration assembly was cancelled so that all children could watch a Theatre Production on ‘Cyber Bullying’. Increasingly, children are owners of mobile phones, tablets and laptops and we regularly talk to them about how to keep themselves safe online and what they should do if they are concerned about the actions of other people. The theatre production reinforced these serious messages in a fun and enjoyable way, constantly repeating the message that they must share their worries with a trusted adult if they were worried about anything they encounter online .

Don’t forget to make sure that your child has all privacy settings activated on any apps/devices they use at home and help us to reinforce the message that they only chat to people they know when they are online and should never share any personal information or their location.

Year 3 Dinosaur Mystery
One Big Thing

The One Big Thing is a partnership project between Coventry Universitythe University of WarwickCoventry City CouncilCSW Sport and the Workplace Wellbeing charter. 21st October saw thousands of people across Coventry doing something active, either collectively or individually, to create a united, healthy and energetic city.

Year 3 Scavenger Hunt
Year 3 Library Visit
Art Club
Our Learning Environment
Macmillan Coffee Morning
Year 6's WW2 Trip to Coventry Transport Museum and The Herbert
Year 5 Trip to Coombe Abbey- Rivers and Water
Sports' Day 2015
Race at our Place 2015
Year 3 Stone Age Day
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