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West Coventry Partnership

West Coventry Partnership

Eastern Green Junior School is a member of the Roots Network, a large group of schools who work closely together for the benefit of the children in our community. Within Roots, Eastern Green Junior School works closely alongside Mount Nod Primary, Limbrick Wood Primary and Earlsdon Primary in a sub-network called ELM. Whilst the main focus is School Improvement, this partnership also allows children and staff to work together, for example our Anti Bullying Ambassadors have interviewed and trained new ABA's from the other schools, our staff have received high quality, shared training, sports events have been organised and we have produced guidance for parents on issues such as attendance and bullying. We are also part of The Lion School Teaching Alliance. 


Roots Network

West Coventry Partnership is also part of Roots, a wider network of schools grouped together by the Local Authority.