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Eastern Green Junior School's PTA plays a very active role in supporting the community of EGJS through its on going organisation of fundraising events and other activities.


Chair person = Lisa Jones

Secretary = Rachel Dixon

Treasurer = Laura Johnson


Who are we?

The Parents Teachers Association (PTA) is just that - a committee of staff and parents working together for the good of the school. The PTA is a bridge between the school and parents and draws them together in a common goal – making EGJS the best it can be.

The majority of the PTA’s work focuses on fundraising but linked into this is a social aspect – with fun days, fetes and fairs. The children, parents and teachers enjoy the social aspects of school life and also feel part of the wider community of Eastern Green.

The PTA has a core committee – a team of dedicated organisers who set all the wheels in motion for the main fundraising events and extra-curricular activities provided by the PTA. The Committee meet on a regular basis (once a term) – anyone is able to join and new members are always welcome. 



What do we do?

Most of the events we run are for fund-raising purposes and most of our funds are raised through the events we run. Our Christmas Fayre is a very popular date on the school calendar, with the tombola's, water or wine, chocolate fountain, Year 6 games and many other stalls to visit. It’s a wonderful occasion for families to socialise whilst giving something back to the school. The PTA are always delighted with any parental help they can get, so even if you’re only able to man a stall for half an hour, your efforts will still be very much appreciated.

The school discos and film clubs are always a huge hit with the children and you’re welcome to come along and help out there too. Throughout the year we have other events or activities, if there are any fundraisers out there, bursting with fresh ideas, we’d love to hear them. 


All funds we raise go straight back to the children. Currently (2017-18), we donate £15 to the school per child to subsidise school trips for each child during the academic year. In the past we have organised a PTA fun day for the whole school (see the photos below).



"We had three activities and in our groups we moved between the different tasks. One activity was to make a dream catcher based on the BFG. We watched the ‘Enormous Crocodile’ movie. The third activity was based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; we went into an "inventing room" ! We had a great time! "



Roald Dahl Evening

On Friday 2nd February 2018 the PTA hosted a Harry Potter evening for our Year 5's.
The pupils entered the great hall and had a chance to try various different activities that were guided by Miss Honeyduke, a relative of Olivander, a Potion master, an Ornithologist specialising in Owls and a dementor !


Harry Potter Evening

On Friday 16th March 2018 we had a bedtime story event for our Year 3's.

The children were invited to come back to school in their pjs or onesie with pillows and teddy bears and got comfy listening to some bedtime stories.  Of course a good bedtime story must include hot chocolate cookies !

Bedtime Story Evening