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Our school day

Eastern Green: Our School Day


The school gates (Sutton Avenue and Mellowship Road) open at 8.45am. Mrs Venables, our Learning Mentor, welcomes the children through the main gate every morning. We allow children to store their bikes and helmets in our secure, covered cycle racks if they choose to cycle to school. The responsibility of the journey to school lies with parents, however, and for the safety of our children we urge parents/carers to accompany those children who have not taken part in Cycling Training offered by the school.



Morning work and Registration


After the whistle is blown at 9:00am, the children are sent into their classes and straight away they tackle their morning work. We use this time to focus on basic skills and subsequently the application of these skills.




Children have the opportunity to learn about a range of different cultures and faiths in Religious Education and we have a daily assembly which supports our RE and Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum. Assembly is a time when we all come together as a whole school. A range of different members of staff deliver our assemblies alongside Rev. Smith from St Andrews church and visitors are encouraged to lead assemblies.

Every Friday in our assembly we celebrate the excellent work, behaviour and achievements of children throughout our school. On Mondays, we also ask children to bring in current awards, trophies, medals, certificates etc achieved outside of school.


Lesson times

9:10am-10:15am: Morning Lesson 1


10:35am-10:50am: Morning break


10:50am-12pm: Morning Lesson 2


12pm-1pm: Lunchtime


1pm-2:10pm: Afternoon Lesson 1


2:10pm-2:25pm: Afternoon break


2:25pm-3:30pm: Afternoon Lesson 2


Extra-curricular Activities

There are a vast range of Extra-curricular School Clubs which the children may wish to be involved in. A letter outlining these will be sent out at the start of every term with details of how to join. Please ring Mrs Holloway in the school office for more information.