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Eco Committee

Eastern Green Junior School - Eco Warriors

Over the last year, our Eco Warriors have raised awareness of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle.


We are very pleased to announce that we achieved our Green Flag Award on 22nd June 2021.


Our Eco-Code

Topic 1 - Energy

Topic 2 - Litter

Here are the winners of our Anti-Litter Poster Competition.

Well done to Orla, Hugo, Chloe and William, and thank you to everyone else who took part.

We took part in the Great British Spring Clean.  We collected litter from the school field and invited everyone to litter pick in their local community.

Topic 3 - School Grounds


On 13th January we carried out our first Bird Watch to see how many birds and which species we could see in the school grounds.  We spotted:

  • 4 Woodpigeons
  • 2 Crows
  • 4 Starlings
  • 3 Magpies
  • 2 Robins
  • 4 House Sparrows


On 21st January we filled the bird feeders around school to see if we could attract any different species or more birds.


On 17th February we carried out another Bird Watch to see if the results changed.  We didn't see as many birds because the weather was very windy but we did see some different species.  This time we spotted:

  • 2 Woodpigeons
  • 1 Blackbird
  • 1 House Sparrow
  • 1 Black-headed Gull
  • 3 Magpies
  • 1 Blue Tit

Walk to School - 9th February 2022


On Wednesday 9th February 65 children, plus staff, parents, grandparents and pet dogs all walked to school together as part of our WOW Living Streets challenge and Children’s Mental Health Week.  We were joined by staff from Living Streets, Strider the Living Streets mascot and Adam Tranter, the West Midlands Walking and Cycling Commissioner.  We all had a great time walking to school, it was the perfect start to the school day. 


“We walked to school with the WOW mascot called Strider. It was a big orange foot.” Bailey 3P

“Darcey, Izzy and Ellie got to hold hands with Strider on the walk.” Isabelle 3P

“Some people in our class got to walk to school with the teachers and there were LOTS of us!” Sienna and Cory 3P

“We all got to have a photo at the end of the walk with Strider, it was really nice!” Darcey Gl 3P


Once we arrived in school Strider and the adults visited each class and talked to us about the benefits of walking to school for us and the planet.  Then the Eco-Committee met with them and talked about all the good things we have done as a school and we were able to ask lots of questions about Living Streets and walking/cycling in the local area.  Lots of photos from the day are available on our Facebook page and more information will be available on the Eco-Committee page of the school website soon. 


“Strider came into our classroom and waved at us all.” Ronnie 3P

“The men with Strider asked us some questions about walking, the travel tracker and how it keeps us healthy.” Jessica L 3P

“Eco-committee met with the WOW team and answered and asked lots of questions. I got to ask when did Strider become the mascot?” Isabelle 3P


Afterwards we received the following message from Ed Wicks, Living Streets Project Co-ordinator for the West Midlands:


‘I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you for putting on such a great Walk to School this morning.  I’ve done a few of these and they’re always fun but I think a new standard was set today both with numbers and the good spirit from start to finish.  I can speak for all of the visitors when I say we were really impressed by the range of projects undertaken by the eco-committee and the passion that underlies all of their work.  They are great ambassadors for Eastern Green Junior School and the wider community.  Truly inspiring.’