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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are:




The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, or A.B.A.s, are a very hard-working team who the rest of the children at our school can identify as another set of people they can go and talk to when they have a worry or concern about friendships. The A.B.A.s understand how to report these concerns to another adult in school who can then help solve whatever the issue might be.

At the beginning of this term, the A.B.A.s added another way in which they can be contacted by the children. In the school hall there is now a display and boxes where children can post their concerns safe in the knowledge that issues will be dealt with swiftly as the boxes are checked every day.

The A.B.A.s also meet every week to discuss how things are going and what, if any, issues have been raised and how they have been resolved. They then provide a written report to Mrs Aston who is kept up to date with everything that is going on.

The A.B.A.s will also be taking a very active role during Anti-Bullying Week. This year it is 16th-20th November and the theme is ‘Make A Noise About Bullying’. The A.B.A.s will be launching this special week with a presentation in the Monday assembly. This will be followed by a visit to each class during the week to run activities which will re-inforce being able to recognise bullying in all its forms and the importance of dealing with it and better still, preventing it.

There will also be two competitions being run during Anti-Bullying Week which the A.B.A.s are organising and which we hope every child at Eastern Green will enter. So, lots of fun things to do, but at the same time empowering all our children to recognise and understand how to deal with all forms of bullying.


A.B.A.s November update

Our A.B.A.s have been very busy over the past few weeks. They were asked to help with selecting Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for Limbrick Wood, Allesley and Mount Nod Primary Schools.

Each school was sent a copy of the application forms we use here. Children in their Years 5 and 6 were invited to apply and their teachers had to short-list candidates to come for interviews here at Eastern Green.

Our A.B.A.s conducted the interviews and from the answers to their questions, they had to discuss and select the children who would become the A.B.A.s for their schools. Letters were then emailed to all the candidates who came to let them know if they were successful and to thank them for their time and effort if they were not.

It was a really enjoyable experience for everyone involved and the primary schools involved reported how excited their children had been about their interviews and all the ideas it had generated as to what they wanted to do at their own schools.


But it didn’t end there

On the 9th November, all the children who had been selected to become A.B.A.s at their schools came to Eastern Green again. This time they took part in an afternoon of training to help them become effective Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and to have a really firm understanding of what bullying is and how to work towards helping to prevent it.

Again our own A.B.A.s were on hand throughout to help them with discussions and activities.

It was quite an intensive training afternoon, but all the children who took part thought it had been very worthwhile and helpful.

We hope to catch up with how they are getting on with their new roles in the near future and possibly get together again to share any great ideas and good practice in helping all our schools maintain a happy and safe environment.